I live and work with these CA people. We respect each others views and I am going to demonstrate in support of my livelihood which is dairy farming.

I rent 150 acres, milk 120 cows with no paid labour because cheap imports have enabled the supermarkets to dictate the price. The Government (Tory and Labour) have dismantled our marketing structures (under EU direction) and left us vulnerable to the excess powers of the supermarkets.

We don't want any trouble. We just want to wander along the route in an orderly fashion to make the point that the countryside is in crisis. Part of the problem for the demise of rural services probably goes back to the abolition of Rural District Councils in 1974 so now the countryside is (under) funded by town and city councils.

As a minority (we feel like an ethnic minority now) it is difficult enough to get politicians to listen so give the farmers a chance to make their point. Without farmers, there would be nothing to eat. We do not live on subsidies but without them we cannot compete against subsidised imports. In order to enlarge the EU, subsidies will have to be phased out in the not too distant future. If farming is to survive at all, this will put pressure on food prices as farmers will inevitably need to get ALL their income from the consumers.

Hunting? I can take it or leave it. It is not a problem to me. I would like to retain the right to choose the method of pest control best suited to my farm. I feel it is very much a matter of the right to choose what you do on your own property. I personally haven't had the hunt on my present farm and I don't have any lambs or chickens to protect but if I did need help to control some foxes, it would be the hunt I would go to. They would come quietly with a gun and a terrier and get the job done professionally. I wouldn't have the hounds because a) it is out of season and b) I would not want my cows upset. The hunt respect this and keep away which is more than can be said for the poachers who trespass at night, use their lurchers and lamps to chase down hares or our cat which got killed. They also let 100 cows into my maize crop and ruined it.
Now I have to dash because I have to milk and feed the cows, calves etc tonight and again in the morning before catching the bus to London at 8.00am. It will be a long day but I am hoping to get some sleep on the way up - ha! ha!
Perhaps we should try to understand each other. There seems to be a lot of hate on your side which I don't seem to see on our side.

Take care
Farmer Dave