Sir, Blair et al do not give a toss about the marchers

exactly because they do not need their vote. In a dumbed down democracy, voting numbers seem to be all that counts. This is the tyranny of the majority. What happened to government by consent, tolerance of minorites or multi-culturalism for that matter?

On top of rock-bottom commodity prices, the legacy of distrust from DEFRA's incompetent and disgraceful handling of FMD, the huge gulf between urban and rural incomes that has grown over the past 20 years, and the consequent domination of the rural property market, the Government's dismissal of the hunting community is inflammatory to more than just the hunters.

It is only when a growing number of people see in relation to their own lives what a centralising and controlling regime this is, that some other political force might emerge Meanwhile Alun Michael goes on serenely living in a dreamworld not knowing why so many people are marching..... It is time he started listening before the gloves come off.

Anne Bosanquet