407,791 marched to voice their concern. It would have been 407,792 if my husband had not had to stay at home to milk the cows and 407.794 if my two other daughters had not stayed home to help.

Having torn a medial ligament in his knee shepherding bored, idle unparented kids away from oak trees that they were determined to set on fire he needed extra help on the farm.

5.5 hours to travel to London, 4.5 hours walking, 5.5 hours to travel home but we really felt it was worth it until Alun Michael opened his mouth.

What planet are some of these elected people living on one wonders. Having taken part in this march with much trepidation and apprehension Alun Michael would do well to realise that we would readily March again without a second thought if we are not listened to and by the way we were there for Rural Rights and as members of the Farmers For Action Group.

The whole day was awesome, peaceful and a very very useful excercise. Who found Richard Burge? What a debator. This is a person British Agriculture and associated activities has been crying out for for decades. Articulate, confident, well briefed, not afraid to confront Government. Oh how we could have done with his talents throughout the BSE years and the Foot & Mouth Debacle. CA are to be congratulated on such a brilliantly organised day.