Channel 4  -   22nd Sep 2002.


Alun Michael said, "I don't know why they are marching, and it doesn't change a thing."
He also apparently called the protest "incoherent". Defending the government's record or rural policy, he said : "I want to nail the lie that this is a government that does not understand rural areas".


Justice, Freedom and tolerance - These are the values that drive and govern my political life.Tony Blair 14th April 1988


Take your feeble mind back to your leader's 1997 manifesto in which he said,

“I want to renew our country's faith in the ability of its government and politics to deliver this new Britain. I want to do it by making a limited set of important promises and achieving them. This is the purpose of the bond of trust I set out at the end of this introduction, in which ten specific commitments are put before you. Hold us to them. They are our covenant with you.”

“The total failure of the Conservatives to manage the BSE crisis effectively and to secure any raising of the ban on British beef has wreaked havoc on the beef and dairy industries. The cost to the taxpayer so far is #3.5 billion”.


If £3.5 billion equals a “total failure” then by your leaders own hand what does £20 BILLION equate to through the abortionate 2001 FMD policy  ?  

"I don't know why they are marching".


What of this Blair howler from 1997…… “The BSE fiasco symbolises their (Conservatives) failures in Europe”. 

Dare I ask you what Blair's 2001£20 BILLION, FMD “fiasco” symbolises then ? 

"I don't know why they are marching"


Again from the threadbare 1997 manifesto;

Life in our countryside
"Labour recognises the special needs of people who live and work in rural areas.

We recognise that the countryside is a great natural asset, a part of our heritage which calls for careful stewardship”.

Having made a complete pigs ear of the careful stewardship it's time for you to say sorry and repair the damage.

"I don't know why they are marching."


I want a tolerant, integrated, inclusive society."  Tony Blair 11th August 1999

"I don't know why they are marching".


"Our values are the same: the equal worth of all, with no one cast aside; fairness and justice within strong communities".

Blair 1997 Manifesto.

"I don't know why they are marching".


"People are cynical about politics and distrustful of political promises. That is hardly surprising.......... 

New Labour believes in a society where we………… care for and enhance our environment and quality of life...........

We will put concern for the environment at the heart of policy-making, so that it is not an add-on extra.........

Blair, 1997 Manifesto

"I don't know why they are marching".

"We therefore set out in the manifesto that follows ten commitments, commitments that form our bond of trust with the people. They are specific. They are real. Judge us on them. Have trust in us and we will repay that trust".

"I don't know why they are marching".

Message for Michael.

Listen to your master Herr Blair you arrogant ass, and then maybe you will have an idea why I and my wife with 400,000 plus marched in London.

You had better listen very closely to the “incoherent” crowd – they have made more sense in half a day than you ever have in half a century.

"I don't know why they are marching" you do sunshine !

Captain Bryn Wayt