A Rallying Call to all Britons who want the EU Expelled from the UK

"How can I help?" - the cry of thousands who want to see an end to the
EU's interference in British affairs.   Well, now you can help!

Join the first national direct-action group co-ordinating large-scale,
lawful resistance and obstruction to the European Union in the UK.  This
direct action is being organised on a regular, increasing and ultimately
massive scale.

DARTT has been formed by known activists to devise and manage frequent,
nation-wide actions aimed at causing maximum trouble to the bureaucrats
in Brussels and their quislings in Whitehall.

Each campaign will be short, sharp, lawful and as disruptive as
possible.  It will be organised via simultaneous e-mails to like-minded
activists across the country.  People not on e-mail will be encouraged
later to join our activities via local organizers who are on the net.

DARTT will use no violence, and cause no damage to people or property.
We guarantee never to ask you to do anything unlawful.

There will be no party politics, and no recruitment or campaigning for
any political parties.  Every activist will be acting as a private
individual.  This campaign has one objective only - to expel the EU from
Britain.  Normal party politics can resume afterwards, for those who

What Ghandi did for India with implacable non-violent protest we plan to
do for Britain.  We shall use only peaceful and constitutional means of
protest, civil resistance and obstruction.  We shall grind the EU down,
and we shall win.  We are totally committed to stopping the current
tyranny from Brussels, destroying it and restoring the sovereignty and
independence of this proud nation.  We can no longer rely on our
government or our members of parliament.  They have failed us and lied
to us for over 30 years.

Today, change must come directly from the people.  More and more people
are saying 'enough is enough'.  So this message is an appeal to the
thousands of people who, acting together, can and must make a difference
- and do it soon.

Come and join us.  Become an activist.   Participate as an individual.
And, if possible, also help us to co-ordinate non-e-mailers in your area
by regularly briefing them on our projects.

Finally, please tell your friends, and circulate this message to all
your internet contacts.  Invite them to do the same.   Do this for
Britain, do it for yourself, and do it now.

To take part, register at our e-mail address:
We need only your name.

You will receive an automatic reply asking you to confirm via the
Click on "join the list"

If you are also willing to be an area organiser please send a separate
e-mail to:
giving your name and full postal address, including - most importantly -
your post code.

We will be in touch as soon as possible about our first project,
probably early to mid-October.

We will also contact individually those willing to be area organizers
about building up a local group of activists.  We have many names
already, classified by post code.

Meanwhile, if you can help with funds for legal advice and campaign
expenses, all contributions are welcome.  Cheques to DARTT, at PO Box
97, Petersfield, Hants, GU32 1YE.

The DARTT steering group includes (in alphabetical order) Richard
Buttrey, Idris Francis, David Hearnshaw, Neil Herron, John Kelly, John
Moran, Ashley Mote - all acting in their private capacities.

Please note:  DARTT is not a forum or discussion group.  Communication
will be almost entirely one way, and only when action is initiated.