My sheep are not blood doners for Defra

"I had my vet out last week and he was telling me that a farmer in Cumbria had his pedigree flock of Texels scrapie tested and because they were not good enough (with the tests below R3) 50 Ram lambs had to be killed and half of his ewes; did that get into the press? NO"

True , he was given the choice of having them castrated ( the ram lambs I mean) Can you imagine? 50 wethers!! So, I suppose, being a commercial Pedigree breeder he decided it was not worth the bother.

I have Defra coming in tomorrow at 10 am to scrapie test mine under the rare breeds Genotype Survey for Registered Flocks. I did actually have my breeding Rams tested in the middle of FMD privately but Defra won't accept that. They came up ARR 1. I am not too worried about the scrapie testing as Ryelands are usually ok but those Bolus things being fired into them I am not too happy with. Mind, I am putting it all on video so God help them should anything go wrong.

I also had a letter last week from Defra. I may be called on to have my sheep tested for BRUCELLOSIS AND CONTAGIOUS AGALACTIA. No looking it up on the web. It is normally Goats that get that and, as scrapie, does not harm humans. Well they can take a run and jump. My sheep are not blood doners for Defra.

I asked the vet from Defra is she could bleed a sheep. Yes, came her reply. I continued with, " Well you'd better know as the last one was unable and then had my poor ewe bleeding so badly I had to put ice packs on her to stop the bleeding. That was after I had given him 2 mins to vacate my farm and continued with If you do not leave I am going in for my Doberman ............He ran down my drive..." At this the lady vet replied, "Yes I know.." so it is on my file. I think that she has drawn the short straw coming out to me tomorrow. Will let you know how things go.