The last remnants of farms with livestock in Shap are being culled out this afternoon.

July 31

My husband reported a crowd of TVIs tearing down fencing behind the Greyhound Inn to gain access to stock. Also empty low-loaders and detox units by the Hardendale depot by the M6 junction.

The north end of Shap is lined with cull lorries from the bridge (where the RAF jet crashed) to Simpsons Garage. They are obviously culling out beyond the railway line there.

I spoke to Mrs Atkinson whose husband spoke at the meeting on Friday about losing his stock as a DC and wanting to hang on to his last 32 cattle. DEFRA took them this morning. She is still waiting for blood test results and has not heard whether the farm they were taken out as a DC to was in fact positive. I told her to push for both results and to contact CSH in Penrith about compensation. She had kept the letter that was circulated to all farmers in the area some weeks ago and will now enquire about this.

There is now about one farmer left in Shap with stock. He has already seen other farmers stock culled as DCs on his land. DEFRA also took out Green Farm which is situated right next door to the sausage factory - one of the main employers in that area.

DEFRA have taken out this whole area in under three weeks. They had booked into the hotel at Penrith BEFORE the first case there !!!! Fact cos I know the source personally.

Absolute carnage - no blood test results on most of these. Farmers being told to wait 3 weeks. No doubt will all be found negative in due course. But the animals have already gone.

Also heard from a farmer's wife in the Tebay Gorge that a farm at Scouts Green was taken out on the strength of alleged symptoms in a bull confined in its shed. Only contacts to this animal was the farmer himself - and a TVI, who has since been found to have visited another farm that same day - that farm was later confirmed as an IP. Same old story, isn't it?