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Status 24th Jan 18:00

The deadlocks are still a big issue and we are putting in some new code to try to reduce them further. The number of outgoing mails successfully sent so far today increased by about 20% over the same time yesterday and I'm told that in the last few hours the queues are reducing faster than they have since the problem began. Because processing rate is exponential to the queue size we are hoping that this will speed things up considerably.

We're reluctant to give estimated times because one incoming email can generate thousands of outgoing emails if it is for a large group and we don't want to raise false expectations. However, if it doesn't clear by Monday we will be changing our strategy even if it means losing email. We recognise that this is taking much longer to fix than is acceptable and thank you for your patience.

Status 23rd Jan 17:30

We are experiencing deadlock problems on the mailing list component of Smartgroups. We can and are removing the deadlocked processes but mail delivery is still slower than normal. Until we clear the deadlock problem we will not be able to accurately forecast when the backlogs will be cleared. Our infrastructure team are working with the developers to identify how we can best resolve this and will be briefing me in the morning.

We are doing everything we can to bring back service to the level you expect.

Status 22nd Jan 17:30

All mail held in the incoming email queue has been released for processing. There are still some issues re sending out the mails which are being addressed. The processing queues are still larger than normal but are going down steadily.

Additional processors are being added to help bring queue sizes back to normal.

AOL have confirmed that the 3rd mail server has been added to their 'protected' file.

Status 22nd Jan 10:30

The outgoing mail queues are reducing and look like clearing in 2-3 days based on the figures I have been given. The incoming email queue is gradually being released but I am still waiting for the size of this.

Some emails are bouncing with a delivery failure and some senders are being sent an informational message that tells them their email is held in the queue but has not yet been delivered. The former will need to be resent - the latter do not.

AOL expect to add the 3rd server to their protection list today.