A friend of mine who has taken over the fmd work in Cornwall for DEFRA, has recently been asked by DEFRA to supply top soil to "make good" the fields where the pyres were.

He has been charging DEFRA £10,000 per site to bring in top soil which he has dug up from the field behind is house i.e. it didn't cost him anything more than the cost of transport.

The reason that he has the new contract for working for DEFRA is that the previous firm who did slaughter and cleansing work in Cornwall, are being investigated by DEFRA for fraud!

The number of people who have made money out of other people's misery just keeps on growing.


This site has been in the news recently as residents living near it have complained about leaching into the watercourses and the smell.

The burial site contains 20,000 pigs from a large pig farm in the Holsworthy area. This farm was contiguous to one heifer which was found to have FMD late last April. MAFF/DEFRA did not want to cull the pig unit because they did not have the facilities to dispose of the pigs. But the farm supplies TESCO, and the farmer was phoned by TESCO, and told that the pigs MUST BE CULLED in order to keep TESCO's FMD clean status! So 20,000 healthy pigs were slaughtered....well done TESCO. The cost to the tax payer for this madness was £2,500,000.