From the Independent 15 March by Janet Street-Porter

What is so inherently patronising about this initiative is that it assumes that we can only be made to engage with a concept via the conduit of celebrity.

There's almost a secret promise: go to the countryside and you might run into one of these fabulous people. The website, meanwhile, is full of fatuous phrases such as: "Your countryside is always open, whatever the weather... whether you're seeking a solitary walk or a full-blown family outing, there's always something to see and do in your countryside, all year round."

Yet there was no need for Tessa Jowell and Margaret Beckett to waste money on this project. The way to lure us back to the countryside is far more prosaic. Here's the eight-point Street-Porter manifesto. And unlike Anthea Turner, I have actually walked over 1,000 miles of it.

Simple, isn't it? We have to make the tourist industry understand the concept of service, the farming industry trust visitors, and the transport industry work on a macro level. Or we could all just rush out and buy Joan Collins's new book, Star Quality, which happens to be out this week.