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  • Cumbria Foot and Mouth Disease Inquiry - One of the three County Council FMD Inquiries, chaired by Professor Phil Thomas. Report released September 2002. Site contains the full 120 page report, including the recommendations.
  • Devon Foot and Mouth Disease Inquiry - One of the three County Council FMD Inquiries, chaired by Professor Ian Mercer CBE. Report released January 2002. Site contains the full 100 page report, including the recommendations.
  • Northumberland Foot and Mouth Disease Inquiry - One of the three County Council FMD Inquiries, chaired by Professor Michael Dower. Report released February 2002. Site contains the full report, including the recommendations.
  • Policy Commission On The Future Of Farming And Food - Announced 9 August 2001. Final report issued on 29 January 2002 as one of the three FMD Inquiries. Includes meetings, responses and the report.
  • Royal Society Inquiry into Infectious Diseases in Livestock - Announced 9 August 2001 as one of the three FMD Inquiries. Chaired by Sir Brian Follett FRS. Summary Report released July 2002. Includes progress reports, commissioned papers and evidence.

  • Foot and mouth disease: facing the new dilemmas

    with Introduction by Gavin Thomson. The series is now available online (summaries and pdf files The Index and overview is available at

    Proposal to Use Orally Administered Interferon to Prevent and/or Treat Foot-and-Mouth Disease - pdf

    Unapparent foot and mouth disease infection (sub-clinical infections and carriers): implications for control

    P. Sutmoller & R. Casas Olascoaga

    The history of research in foot-and-mouth disease

    The successful control and eradication of FMD in South America in 2001 (pdf)

    The 2001 foot and mouth disease epidemic in the United Kingdom: animal welfare perspectives

    The power to panic: the Animal Health Act 2002

    Use of Models in Disease Control Policy (Defra website)

    Pirbright's FMD review 2003 for DEFRA

    Identification of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus-Specific Linear B-Cell Epitopes To Differentiate between Infected and Vaccinated Cattle

    Article in Nature (Aug 1 2003) about the the Höhlich, Wiesmüller, Schlapp, Haas, Pfaff, and Saalmüller paper above

    Regional status and approaches to control and eradication of foot and mouth disease in the Middle East and North Africa

    Benefit-cost analysis of vaccination and preemptive slaughter (American Journal)

    'coherent and transparent plan still awaited' letter to Vet Record

    Measuring prions causing bovine spongiform encephalopathy or chronic wasting disease by immunoassays and transgenic mice

    Aphis USDA training pages with photos on recognising vesicular disease (new window)



    Crisis and Opportunity Devon Foot and Mouth Inquiry 2001 Final Report

    The CVO's overview of FMD 2001

    Revised EU FMD Directive

    Emergency vaccination section from Revised EU FMD Directive

    Animal Health Act 2002 - full text

    NFMG response to DEFRA Contingency Plan

    Impact assessment on EU's proposed changes to Sheep and Goat Identification

    FMD: facing the new dilemmas - G.R. Thomson (ed.) OIE publication

    Control and eradication of FMD by Sutmoller, Barteling, Olascoaga and Sumption. (pdf. )

    Latest draft proposals EU FMD Directive

    DEFRA "Risk Assessment" webpage

    Open letters between Dr Barteling and Dr Donaldson

    Culling versus vaccination: challenging a dogma in veterinary (FMD) science

    European Parliament: Own-initiative Report on measures to control Foot and Mouth Disease in the European Union in 2001 and future measures to prevent and control animal diseases in the European Union - Temporary Committee on Foot and Mouth Disease (Rapporteur: Wolfgang KREISSL-DÖRFLER) Public Accounts Report into FMD

    Defra's Memorandum Appendix 1 to above

    OIE website - an important new scientific review of FMD

    Responses to DEFRA's Contingency Plan

    DEFRA TB control discussion paper

    The Power to Panic(pdf) - Professors Lee and Campbell

    DEFRA consultation on proposed EU Directive

    Section 8 Vaccination - EU proposal

    Annex X - criteria for vaccination

    EU proposal FMD pdf

    TSE's - by Dr S Haywood and Dr D Brown (Vet Times)

    Badgers and Bovine TB - Dr Ruth Watkins

    "Compassion for the health of farm animals in 2003" Dr Ruth Watkins


    Final EU FMD report full version

    Professor Bob Lee and Professor David Campbell Lessons Not Learned

    Link to Phillips report

    Lord May on AHB

    Dr James Irvine on FMD vaccination Uruguay

    Dr Ruth Watkins: recommendation to EU -summary

    Additional material from Dr Watkins

    The Drummond Report

    Draft Programme for the Containment Control and Eradication of FMD

    NSP "modification": Rare Breeds International response

    International scrapie expert Dr Alan Dickinson

    Marshall Plan for Stakeholders Meetings etc.

    78% of clinically confirmed cases were not positive

    Lessons Learned Report .pdf

    RS Inquiry - sub text?

    Warmwell webpage of full Royal Society summary

    Dr Kitching's evidence to the EU

    Accuracy of the Pirbright tests

    Myth and Reality - Nicola Morris

    USDA's Dr Roger Breeze on the Rapid Diagnosis machine - offered to and rejected by the UK (Royal Society report small print)

    Royal Society Report

    New evaluation of the modelling (Haywood)

    Royal Society Edinburgh Report

    "I accuse the Ministry of negligence"

    Intervet Technical Paper

    NFMG vaccination paper to RS

    The reality of the pre-emptive cull

    Defra's FMD contingency Plan (pdf)

    Aujeszkys disease in pigs

    European Livestock Alliance

    Bioterrorism and the UK foot and mouth outbreak

    National Audit Office report (.pdf)

    John Crowther on a re interpretation of acceptable risks

    New Test from Joint FAO/IAEA

    2001 delays in slaughter times (PQ5479)

    EFRA Committee FMD Report

    Prof King's answers to Temporary Cttee

    Professor King's "role of contiguous cull"

    Vaccination in Uruguay facts

    Vaccination in Uruguay (from embassy)

    The 1968 Northumberland Report

    Epp-ed European Committee site

    Pirbright RS Submission

    New OIE proposal on vaccination

    "Points to consider in the prevention, control and eradication of FMD"(Brussels Conference)

    CJD/BSE/Scrapie..the truth?

    Slaughter and Test figures requested - by County

    Vaccination and Transmission (notes)

    Alan Richardson Veterinary Times article

    Important re scrapie: Northern Short-tailed Sheep Group/ RBI report

    Northumberland Report (pdf or Word)

    Vet Record May12 01

    State Veterinary Journal, Volume 12, number 1, 2002 Foot and mouth disease special edition PB6573

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