Dear Rolf,

I am not an "animal rights" person per se, but a private individual who was very displeased that the RSPCA failed to take any slaughterer to court when countless were caught on camera being overtly cruel to animals they were told to slaughter during the FMD cull exercise.

The GILWERN atrocity was an epic example - a rifleman caught on a home video camera taking pot-shots at sheep in a field and failing to kill cleanly on more than one occasion. I have the FULL report if you would like to see it.

There were over 2,000 cases of cruelty reported to the RSPCA and not one has ended up in court.

You may or may not be aware Rolf that about 10 million farm-yard animals have been slaughtered due to political considerations, rather than FMD. A sow with 10 piglets is counted as ONE kill. Likewise a cow with a calf, or a sheep with two lambs.........each is one kill. That is why DEFRA figures are distorted and cannot be trusted.

Being heavily and wisely involved with animal welfare issues Rolf, may I have your comments please about the RSPCA's failure to bring even a token case to court ? The RSPCA's T/V adverts tonight boast of upholding the law in regards cruelty, but I see them as bare faced hypocrisy now.

Best wishes,

Captain Bryn Wayt
East Sussex
TN21 0TU