A brief statement from http://www.warmwell.com - an independent website about the foot and mouth crisis in Britain


Screw it up and throw it away ...


...seems to us to have been the government's attitude to British farming for the past seven long miserable months. It is now known that the figure is about one confirmed case for every two hundred animals tested.


The general public has no idea what has been going on. They have been fed tales of rich farmers getting richer. They were told it was all over months ago. The reality is horrifying Get the facts from the Warmwell.com website and then write to your MP and your local paper.


Why are we upset?


Vaccination, which would have controlled the outbreak quickly and saved millions of animals and billions of pounds was postponed indefinitely. Advocates of its use here have been sidelined. 'Experts', who are no such thing, have been wheeled out to pronounce that it wouldn't work here, or that it doesn't work on sheep, or that vaccinated animals can still spread disease, or that vaccinated animals abort, or that food products from vaccinated animals would have to be labelled or that vaccinated animals must according to EU law be killed. Not one of these pronouncements is true.


Vaccination works. You only have to listen to the wide field experience of Dr Paul Sutmoller, who has helped the South Americans control their outbreaks for the past thirty years, to be convinced of that.


Vaccinated animals pose a zero risk of infecting others. This too is beyond question according to Dr Simon Barteling, so experienced in dealing with the virus for the EU.


We say, stop the killing and start vaccinating NOW.


Healthy breeding stock and their young in their MILLIONS have been herded up and killed. There are many, many cases of animals being scattered and terrified by incompetent, crude killing practices. People who have seen these botched culls will never ever forget them.

The secrecy, downright lies and bullying tactics of Maff/Defra towards farmers must be exposed. The incompetent and unfeeling cruelty of many bungled culls where terrified animals stampeded and died in panic must be exposed.


Most necessary of all to be exposed is the political motive behind the substantial targets for reduction in the numbers of sheep and of small farms in this country.  This move benefits the powerful food, drug and agribusiness companies.  Their political influence must not be underestimated.  They have been abetted by unelected government advisors, empire-building scientists and by the executive of the NFU. There are huge profits for the businessmen from expansion of the agribusiness and agrochemical sector into land freed up by getting rid of the family farms. Vaccination would have put paid to all this - so it was prevented.