The link between vCJD...BSE....scrapie..... and research grants

Professor Ebringer was given 25 minutes

to present his autoimmune theory of BSE to SEAC.
( Article by warmwell.)
The autoimmune theory implies that the cull of cattle was unnecessary and the disease can be prevented by simply removing the relevant microbes from the normal flora and the animal feeds.
// N.Devon

Urgently neededstraightforward, Lab research :

Identify what is bound to the histadine sites of the octapeptide repeat in BSE, CJD and Scrapie prion material.

Phosmet + live cell culture, transmit the result

Maneb + live cell culture, transmit result.

High Mn and low cu in transgenic mice. Transmit Trial

therapeutic strategies:


2) Porphyrins

3) Atropine/ oxime.