(Tim Doel from Merial UK will address the conference on FMD)


Second Circular and Provisional Conference Programme and Call for Posters

The International Human & Animal Viral Vaccination Conference

Viral Vaccines 2003
14-16 July 2003
Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK

The development and use of vaccines against some major human and animal viruses is certainly one of the great success stories of biological science in the 20th Century.

Now that the 21st century has begun, it is timely to review: Past Successes – Present Problems – Future Directions for Viral Vaccines in both humans and animals.

At the beginning of the last century viral diseases such as polio, rabies and yellow fever were greatly feared, because there was no effective method of preventing the serious diseases caused by these easily transmissible viruses. The development of new vaccines, either for improved efficacy and/or safety over currently used vaccines, or for diseases for which no vaccine yet exists, is still today one of the main goals of much virology research whether it be for animals or humans.

VIRAL VACCINES 2003 is being organised to provide a new forum for virologists and vaccinologists interested in both human and veterinary vaccines to meet and discuss lessons from the past, current challenges and some possible future solutions for the development of vaccines for the control of viral diseases in humans and animals.

VIRAL VACCINES 2003 will be a unique opportunity for workers from both the international human and animal research communities to meet and discover the common ground that both groups have in the battle against viruses using vaccines.

Advisory Scientific Panel

Dr Larry J Anderson (CDC, Atlanta, USA)
Prof Joe Brownlie (Royal Veterinary College, Hatfield, UK)
Prof Sandor Belak (National Veterinary Institute, Uppsala, Sweden)
Dr Brian Mahy (CDC, Atlanta, USA)
Dr Janet Dewdney (Adprotech Ltd, UK)
Dr Martyn Jeggo (CSIRO, Victoria, Australia)
Dr Noel Mowat (Guildford, UK)
Sir Joseph Smith (London, UK)
Dr Jim Robertson (NIBSC, UK)
Dr John Crowther (IAEA, Vienna, Austria)

Conference Topics

VIRAL VACCINES 2003 will address the following important topics:-

  • Prospects for vaccination programs to control/eliminate/eradicate important viral pathogens
  • The benefits to public health of controlling virus infections through vaccination
  • The advantages of controlling the major economically important virus diseases of farm livestock
  • The programme will seek to identify the major current problems with vaccination policies, both technical and in terms of public perceptions
  • New approaches for developing virus vaccines

Closing date for Poster Abstract Submissions Friday 27th June 2003