"On the basis of the information publicly available, there is no justification under international law for the use of military force against Iraq."
letter from 16 professors of international law from Oxford, Cambridge, and London universities, as reported in The Guardian 7 March 2003

Tony Blair

"....Regime change was not the cause for it, the cause for it was that... (pause) What I did was take the view after September 11th that we had to take a totally new approach and what that meant is that in respect of regimes developing WMD instead of taking a reactive approach we had to take an active approach and that therefore the place to start was Iraq because there was a string of UN resolutions, a long history of UN inspections not working and so we went back to the UN, got a fresh resolution which said he had to comply fully with the UN inspection regime. Now in the end he didn't so that was the legal basis for the war. Um..."
Transcript: John Humphrys and Tony Blair. Sept 29 2004
Sunday Herald Spy chiefs warn PM: don't blame us for war (Jan 25 2004)

Informed Comment DAILY on the situation in Iraq by Juan Cole, Professor of History at the University of Michigan. ~ The Butler Report website ~ download the full 9/11 Commission report or substantial summary

"....... If President Bush could be as courageous as General Charles de Gaulle was in Algeria when he admitted that the Algerian insurgency had "won" and called for a "peace of the braves," fighting would quickly die down in Iraq as it did in Algeria and in all other guerrilla wars. Then, and only then, could elections be meaningful...."
Read in full this important guest editorial for Professor Cole's Informed Comment website by the former Member of the U.S. State Department's Policy Planning Council, now the Senior Director of the W.P. Carey Foundation, William R Polk,
If any question why we died, Tell them - "Because our fathers lied". --Rudyard Kipling

May 2005 ~Of vital importance in following what happened between 2002 and today: MISHCON LECTURE 2005 by Philippe Sands Lawless World: International Law after 9/11 and Iraq

September 2005 ~ We came, we saw, we ruined Iraq  to stay will wound it more

August 2005 ~ ,,, In the Alice-in-Wonderland Iraq of Messrs Bush and Blair

August 2005 ~ "You subverted us, you destroyed our lives, you owe us. I want your resignation in my hand in the next five minutes.

July 2005 ~ U.S. officials acknowledge that infiltration of the Iraqi army and police by insurgents is a problem.

July 2005 ~ the destruction of a whole universe of antiquity