My son has written the following letter. I didn't know. He brought it to me finished and had added a picture of a happy live sheep and an unhappy dead one with it's legs in the air, lying in a pool of blood. It brought tears to my eyes to read it. I have typed it out just as he wrote it, spelling mistakes and all.

"Dear Royal Hiness Prince Charles. My name is William. I am 11 years old. I am writing this letter in English because I dont know if you can understand Welsh. I live on a sheep farm in the Brecon Beecons National Park. Please can you help save the rest of our sheep because they have alredy killed thousands of them today on the mountain you are the prince of wales in school we learned that in olden times the prince of wales was the rwler. everyone had to do what he said. can you tell the people not to kill our sheep otherwise there wont be any left. My mam and my dad have been crying a lot and it makes me sad and makes my tummy feel funny when they cry. I always help my mam and dad with the lambs and the shearing and I want to be a farmer but if you kill the arosfa sheep the new sheep will walk off the mountain and they wont know where to stay. our farm is below the mountain and our sheep arnt on the mountain but dad says they will come to test the sheep by here as well. i dont want them to kill our sheep they are NOT ill. lots of sheep are been killed on the mountain up by storey arms today and they are not ill. why cant you make a law so they cant kill them please help them please. from william."