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Beware missionary Zeal over wind farms....

To reach Government targets to generate 15 per cent of energy from renewables by 2020, it is expected around 10,000 turbines will need to be built onshore in Britain.
"The relationship between renewable energy sources and the communities we expect to host them must be appropriate and sustainable. And, above all, acceptable to local people." Owen Paterson

The energy and finance expert, Nicole Foss, has explained Meanwhile, the lemming-like dash to build giant turbines will make money for those pocketing giant subsidies but will destroy the most beautiful parts of wild Britain - and this in exchange for a pitiful return in terms of usable energy.
(Since 2005, when it began producing energy, the 280ft turbine situated in a business park near the M4 in Reading, for example, has been subsidised with £600,000 of public money but has run at an average of 17 per cent of its capacity. Compare this with the 90% efficiency of the Salter Duck scheme, shelved in highly dubious circumstances over thirty years ago)
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Apologies for the break in posts. See the latest daily UK news from Wind Power News: U.K.

November 28th 2012 ~"I think the decision effectively rules out turbines in Hertfordshire so we will have to think of some other way of making renewable energy."

October 2012 ~  In spite of tremendous local and Council opposition, the planning inspector approves nine 103 metre turbines at Knowstone

October 2012 ~ "What you don’t realise until you’ve fought one of these wind applications is just how grotesquely rigged the system is in favour of the developer..."

October 2012 ~"What Mr Cameron clearly hasn’t realised is that the main reason why our energy companies need to charge us ever more for electricity lies in his own Government’s deluded policies." Christopher Booker

October 2012 ~ "More than 90% of people said the idea was wrong and nearly 1,000 signatures were obtained for our petition against the scheme on the day." 

October 2012 ~ "Twenty years ago we knew what the climate was doing. Now we don't"  James Lovelock

James Lovelock has a picture of a wind turbine on the wall of his study to remind him how "ugly and useless they are"  Professor Lovelock's new book, which has the working title "Adventures of a Lone Scientist", is expected to be published next year, will discuss how humanity can change the way it acts in order to help regulate the Earth's natural systems, performing a role similar to the harmonious one played by plants when they absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.  It will also reflect his new opinion that global warming has not occurred as he had expected.  He said, He said that although human-caused carbon dioxide emissions were driving an increase in the global temperature, the effect of the oceans was not well enough understood and could be make all the difference between a hot age and an ice age. He said he still thought that climate change was happening, but that its effects would be felt farther in the future than he previously thought.  "We will have global warming, but it's been deferred a bit."  Last June, he told the Guardian: "We rushed into renewable energy without any thought. The schemes are largely hopelessly inefficient and unpleasant. Fracking buys us some time, and we can learn to adapt."

October 2012 ~ The end of the honeymoon period for renewables

Timon Dubbeling's article at the  European Energy Review :

"Electricity markets across Europe are experiencing a once-in-a-generation transformation, which is largely driven by the exponential growth of intermittent generation from renewable energy sources - solar PV and wind in particular. Although the rise of such renewables is both necessary and inevitable in the transition to a low-carbon economy, it is becoming increasingly difficult and costly to integrate them into the current power system. Inevitably renewable generators will be asked to play a bigger role in managing the impact their production has on electricity systems. In addition, they will have to deal with reduced financial support and legal prerogatives as policymakers will try to end their insulation from energy markets. The honeymoon period for renewables is ending, and their existence in electricity markets is bound to get a lot more challenging..."

October 2012 ~ There are currently over 400 wind turbine applications before Cornwall Council.

There will also be applications for large wind turbines on council owned farms.   This petition requests Cornwall Council not to grant approval for wind turbines in specific cases.

October 2012 ~ "They only recommended the turbine for refusal because of the MoD's letter – not because of its possible impact on the landscape."

The village of Rudston near Bridlington in the East Riding was the birthplace of author Winifred Holtby and is home to the Rudston Monolith, the UK's tallest standing stone. The Ministry of Defence warned  East Riding Council's planning officers that the proposed 70 metre high turbine could interfere with its radar, adding, "The benefits of generating green energy do not outweigh the significant harm the proposed wind turbine will have in securing a safe RAF Air Defence Radar Service."Conservation group English Heritage also sent a lengthy letter to planners saying that the Rudston monolith, which dates from 1600BC, was "a nationally important designated heritage asset and one of the best-known prehistoric monuments in the country" and that the proposed development would have a "potentially harmful impact on the setting and significance of several designated heritage assets in the area.  It seems that only the MOD's concerns made any impact on the planning officers. See Hull Daily Mail.

September 2012 ~ The Mountaineering Council of Scotland (MCofS) has called on the tourism industry to help in the campaign to save scenic mountain areas from industrialisation by huge wind farms.

September 2012 ~ Scotland Western Isles: Approval for the Stornoway Wind Farm

September 2012 ~ Wind Turbine Syndrome: Thousands of people around the world claim that their health has been damaged by wind farms.

September 2012 ~ Wharfdale: 8 turbines planned for the Harrogate area would combine with eight turbines at Knabs Ridge to create a massive wind farm visible for 30 miles around.

September 2012 ~ No more windmills for Holland?

September 2012 ~ Suffolk: planning consent for Crabbes Farm to install 74m turbine rejected at appeal

September 2012 ~ Northumberland Council refuses to back motion for the Council to address "a lack of leadership" on wind farm development

September 2012 ~ Owen Paterson is one of the few to understand the limitations of the National Grid when it comes to wind power

September 2012 ~ "DECC commissioned figures flatter wind-power as they make no allowance for the "add-on" costs associated with the technology."

September 2012 ~ Tory MP Matthew Hancock - a vocal opponent of wind farm developments - joins Department for Business, Innovation, Skills in the reshuffle

September 2012 ~ The plan to build 3 huge wind turbines on a former opencast mine site near Workington has been met with angry objections from residents.

September 2012 ~ Northumberland County Council will debate a motion on the "urgent need to take decisive action to limit and manage the spread of onshore wind turbines in our county."

September 2012 ~ Stern Review "Not Fit for Purpose"

September 2012 ~ "We call on the Scottish Government to listen to local people on wind farms" petition organised by Russell Brown MP

September 2012 ~ North Cornwall: "The prospect of 359 acres of panels, combined with a rumour that wind turbines could be erected above them, has infuriated those who will live near them."

September 2012 ~ " The time worn principle not to encourage uncontrollable generation has been jettisoned."

September 2012 ~ residents in West Fife are aghast that a plan by London-based Vigor Renewables, has been approved to erect six 81 ft high turbines.

September 2012 ~ Redcar and Cleveland Council's planning committee voted 10-1 to refuse Empirica's application for consent to site the wind turbine at Ridge Farm, Stanghow Ridge.

September 2012 ~ Devon. Deep concern expressed about the Atlantic Array offshore wind farm

August 30th 2012 ~ Scotland: Residents of Montrose, "more agitated than excited about having two 425-foot high wind turbines looming over their village.."

August 30th 2012 ~ Planned new wind farm "could damage Gower Peninsula's character"

August 30th 2012 ~ "I can hear the sound of wind turbines from my motorbike with earphones in"

August 24th 2012 ~ Wind farm 'propaganda' for Scottish classrooms?

August 2012 ~Tim Yeo MP serves as chairman of the Commons Select Committee on Energy and Climate Change while earning more than £140,000 a year working for firms that make money out of "green" energy

August 23rd 2012 ~ Wind farm developers using 'tricks' to make turbines look smaller - Telegraph

August 23rd 2012 ~ Planning regulations need to protect local people, MP

August 23rd 2012 ~ Telegraph blog from Aug 21st. James Delingpole writes about "the wind farm menace".

July 15th 2012 ~ "Photo trickery makes wind farms smaller"

July 15th 2012 ~ Chris Heaton-Harris says a planning inspector's decision to back moves to put up six wind turbines near a Northamptonshire village is a "disgrace"

July 2012 Message to all Campaigners who are against wind farms in the UK - from Angela Kelly

July 2nd 2012 ~ "Until we invent a way of storing huge amounts of electricity, wind energy can never be relevant to our future." Gundolf Dany, chief engineer at Aachen.

July 1st 2012 ~ Banks issue ultimatum to wind turbine giant - Sunday Times

June 26th 2012 ~ The Energy Bill and ...a sprawl of infrastructure.. "Treasury ministers and their officials have declined to appear before Mr Yeo's committee..."

June 24th 2012 ~ "Not one of the 47 MPs who answered showed the faintest understanding of the question."

June 20th 2012 ~ George Osborne's new-found scepticism gave his backbenchers permission to step up their efforts against wind farms.

June 16th 2012 ~ Ministers are preparing to scrap all subsidies for onshore wind farms by 2020

June 12 2012 ~ "The Church of England has been forced to drop plans for six giant wind turbines ...

June 7th 2012 ~ "...there is an in-built "Yes" bias. It takes a certain independence of mind to go against the flow and speak up for common sense against well-entrenched nonsense" Roger Helmer MEP

June 5th 2012 ~ "the situation in Germany has developed into a nightmare for system operators."

June 5th 2012 ~ "Lincolnshire County Council is planning to use the judgment to become the first county council in Britain to prevent wind farms being built in its area, and more local anti-wind moves are expected."

June 5th 2012 ~ "...just as the world is beginning to appreciate the beauty of the region, these landscapes are under threat from plans for a forest of towering turbines."


June 4th 2012 ~Wind farm subsidies should be cut by 25 per cent - Treasury

June 4th 2012 ~ "George Osborne is demanding huge cuts in government aid for wind farms - a step which could kill plans for the construction of hundreds of turbines across the country."

June 2nd 2012 ~'The Great Yarmouth decision shows at long last common sense being brought to bear on these kinds of decisions. Landscape value is of huge importance.' Lord Carlile, Lib Dem peer and backer of the National Opposition to Wind Farms campaign

May 31st 2012 ~ The ability of the National Grid to absorb intermittent renewable energy is "a technical issue where expertise in confined to a few score of individuals."

As we read here The situation in Germany has already "developed into a nightmare for system operators" - and unfortunately, a local event in Germany can turn into a widespread European disturbance.

May 31st 2012 ~ "competing industries - wind, nuclear and gas - have kicked their lobbying machines into top gear to ensure they get the biggest piece of the pie."

May 31st 2012 ~ "Mrs Justice Lang said building four 350ft turbines would harm the character and appearance of a beauty spot on the edge of the Norfolk Broads."

May 29th 2012 ~"The question is: Who will buy the electricity? It is not for us in the Highlands or even anyone in Scotland."

May 29th 2012 ~ A giant transporter carrying wind turbine components ended up in a ditch on the A696 south of Otterburn yesterday

May 27th 2012 ~ "The government's decision to direct resources to nuclear and wind is typical of an institution befuddled and beset by lobbyists" says Simon Jenkins

May 26th 2012 ~ Two controversial wind farms proposed for north-west Norfolk have been given planning permission on appeal.

May 26th 2012 ~ Wind Power vs. Nuclear Power - BBC debate available on iPlayer

May 26th 2012 ~ "Government says that its policies will deliver stable electricity prices, but what they really mean is that subsidy costs will send UK bills sky high and keep them there..."

May 26th 2012 ~ . How Wind Energy Is Sucking the Life Out of Our Bat Population (US)

May 24th 2012 ~Eisgein Project wind farm plans threaten golden eagles on Lewis

May 24th 2012 ~ New Energy Bill "... it is doubtful that what is proposed is actually workable, let alone economically viable"

May 23rd 2012 ~ The draft energy Bill aims to see even more giant offshore wind turbines.

May 23rd 2012 ~ "The government panicked. The planning regulations were torn up. Our sense of priorities warped before our very eyes." Griff Rhys Jones

May 23rd 2012 ~ "we cannot afford to be green while other countries are rejecting the renewables scam, which makes the rich richer, the poor poorer and economic recovery less likely."

May 22nd 2012 ~ "Despite the austerity period through which we're living, renewables are still to the fore."

May 21st 2012 ~ "Subsidies in the EU for solar and wind power should be phased out as quickly as possible."

May 20th 2012 ~ EU violates Aarhus Convention with its "20% renewable energy by 2020"program - where are the public's rights "regarding access to information, public participation and access to justice, in governmental decision-making"?

May 18th 2012 ~ "Tipping Point" reached in Aberdeenshire?

May 18th 2012 ~ "We were over the moon - now we're sick as parrots..."

May 17th 2012 ~ Plans to build the UK's largest community windfarm on land owned by Chatsworth Estate have been opposed by residents.

May 14th 2012 ~ German Banks Banned From Financing Offshore Windfarms

May 13th 2012 ~ "...figures and arguments that a child could see through."

May 13th 2012 ~ Letters: Locals powerless against the wind-power lobby

May 12th 2012 ~ "the U.K., which has laboured under the most politically correct climate leadership in the world..."

May 12th 2012 ~ "Aberavon's MP and AM have expressed disappointment at the news that the Pen-y-Cymoedd wind farm development has been given the go-ahead in spite of the concerns of residents."

May 10th 2012 ~ Concern about Vattenfall, the company developing Pen-y-Cymoedd

May 8th 2012 ~ Pen-y-Cymoedd project "the largest onshore wind farm in England and Wales" gets the go-ahead from the Government

May 7th 2012 ~ an end to "wind-turbine Toryism"?

May 7th 2012 ~ Germany "Offshore wind farms blown off course"

May 5th 2012 ~ "Those speaking against a development are accused of selfishness; sacrifices, it is said, have to made by the few for the greater good. It is a somewhat one-sided argument..."

May 3rd 2012 ~ Vestas' plans to create 2000 jobs building turbines are faltering

May 3rd 2012 ~ "Inspired by Lloyd's article, I went to investigate and was heartbroken by what I found." James Delingpole

May 1st 2012 ~ "The diocese is committed to working to protect God's creation..." says Archdeacon of Barnstaple as the Church of England plans to build six large wind turbines on its land in the Devon countryside.

April 30th 2012 ~ Countryside campaigners have warned that vast swathes of tranquil landscapes could be blighted by a "hurricane of wind farms"

April 30th 2012 ~ 3 replacement blades for Cefn Croes

April 30th 2012 ~ Major environmental groups have accepted payments from wind developers

April 30th 2012 ~ Wind farms can help to cause climate change according to new research

April 28th 2012 ~ A by-product of "clean, green" turbines - the six-mile-wide toxic, radioactive lake in Baotou, China

April 28th 2012 ~ Alltwalis wind farm "You owe it to the people to tell them simply and honestly where you stand..."

April 24th 2012 ~ "The problem is we don't know what the climate is doing. We thought we knew 20 years ago. That led to some alarmist books - mine included - because it looked clear-cut, but it hasn't happened" James Lovelock

23rd April 2012 ~ Wales - "why are all Plaid, Labour, Greens and LibDems so gung-ho in favour of more windfarms across our country?"

April 23rd 2012 ~ "Do you agree with Donald Trump that wind farms are a blot on the Scottish landscape?" asks EPAW

April 23rd 2012 ~ "NOW will be instrumental in preventing the industrialisation of our best landscapes by campaigning in a united and organised fashion"

April 17th 2012 ~ "Everyone off the gravy train.."

April 15th 2012 ~ "We inherited a policy which was unbalanced in favour of onshore wind" Greg Barker

April 12 2012 ~ "...we need to bear in mind that it didn't cover the bigger raptors where we know collisions tend to happen."

April 12trh 2012 ~ Council leader Angus Campbell: "We have expressed our concern that wind turbines are not appropriate for most of Dorset, if at all."

April 12th 2012 ~ Last week the Conservatives voted against a Lib Dem proposal to give local people in Northumberland a bigger say in the council's wind farm policy

April 12th 2012 ~ The campaign group Sustainable Shetland continues its opposition to the controversial Viking Energy wind farm even though it received planning consent last week.

April 6th 2012 ~ What price carbon capture (for British taxpayers)?

April 4th 2012 ~ "...wind power is not appropriate everywhere, and we believe it is the duty of local communities themselves to decide where there is a place for it through engaging responsibly with the best available evidence, and through working together to assess their own locality."

March 26th 2012 ~ Labour peer banned from taking part in a Macmillan Cancer revue because he had dared to joke about wind farms?

March 25th 2012 ~ "If the Peel Energy scheme goes ahead our village will basically be ringed by turbines"

March 25th 2012 ~ "I think the developers regard the area as easy pickings but this has shown them it's not".

March 20th 2012 ~ Newspaper Poll: "Are you in favour of the Atlantic Array offshore windfarm?"

March 17th 2012 ~ MP Julian Smith raises concerns over wind farms with Prime Minister

March 12th 2012 ~ Urgent request from EPAW

February 29th 2012 ~ Daily Telegraph - Letter from nearly 40 influential people, including James Lovelock

February 27th 2012 ~ Wind energy companies fear government's commitment is cooling

February 27th 2012 ~ Anti-wind power MPs may have Cameron's backing

February 26th 2012 ~ Farmers Weekly poll: "Do you believe wind turbines are a threat to the British countryside?"

February 23rd 2012 ~ David Cameron response to MPs ".. I do believe that on -shore wind energy plays a role in a balanced UK electricity mix alongside gas, nuclear, cleaner coal and other forms of renewable energy."

February 23rd 2012 ~ Countryfile presenter Matt Baker says wind turbines are the "greatest threat is to the countryside"

February 21st 2012 ~ An email from Sir Simon Jenkins makes clear the position of the National Trust

20 February 2012 ~ "a massively expensive form of technology and the poor old consumer pays the back up costs"

February 20th 2012 ~ Cornwall Protect is " extremely concerned that the commercial interests of Wind Farm developers will do serious damage to Cornwall's greatest sustainable asset, its Landscape."

19 February 2012 ~ "....Scots will be relying on those same cables to import some three-quarters of the power they need from conventional power stations in England."

February 19th/20th 2012 ~ Advance notice: THE TRUSTEES OF THE CAMBRIAN MOUNTAINS SOCIETY INVITE YOU TO A DISCUSSION to be chaired by Mark Williams, MP

February 19th 2012 ~ Radio Podcast "Wind Wise Radio" from Australia

February 19th 2012 ~ "We'll examine the evidence fearlessly and impartially" South Australia

February 18th/19th 2012 ~ "Alex Salmond's wind scam doesn't ruffle Cameron"

February 17th 2012 ~ The deal to renew tax credit for windfarms failed in Washington on Thursday

February 15th 2012 ~ The National Trust has insisted its position on renewable energy remains "unchanged" after Sir Simon Jenkins spoke on Monday of the public menace of wind turbines destroying the countryside.

February 14th 2012 ~ Hurricanes could destroy the offshore wind farms the US is planning to build in the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico.

February 13th 2012 ~ "Soaring energy bills are pushing more and more pensioners into fuel poverty, forcing them to choose between heating and eating."

February 13th 2012 ~ Sir Simon Jenkins has dismissed wind as the 'least efficient' renewable power and the National Trust is "deeply sceptical of this form of renewable energy."

February 13th 2012 ~ Politicians who oppose wind power (There are many more MPs who are concerned about giant wind turbines than the 106 who signed the letter to Mr Cameron)

February 13th 2012 ~ The growing number of wind turbines in North Wales - more than 100 set to be built in the coming months. Of these 57 are set to be a colossal 475ft high (145m) - one-and-a-half times the height of Big Ben at 315ft.

February 12th 2012 ~ Analysis of UK wind farms shows that the 15 biggest owners will between them receive almost £850 million in subsidies - added on to household electricity bills.

February 11th 2012 ~ "Our government is advancing someone's interest, but it is not that of the British people."

February 9th 2012 ~ "So what you're saying, Jonathan.....

Feb 6th b2012 ~ "if these 101 Dalmatians MPs are so concerned about consumers having to pay subsidies, why are they only talking about on-shore turbines?"EUReferendum.blogspot

February 6th 2012 ~ Scotland: Ochil hills and the "cavalier, duplicitous and philistine" approach of major power firms towards the area.

February 6th 2012 ~ Shropshire: a poster campaign to show how strongly people feel about the possible arrival of a wind turbine right on their doorsteps.

February 6th 2012 ~ Stand up for environment - say no to wind power says Western Morning News

February 5th 2012 ~ " .. support for measures against wind farms inside government as well as on the back benches."

February 5th 2012 ~ MPs write to PM that they're "more and more concerned about the Government's policy of support for on-shore wind energy production".

Read letter

February 3rd 2012 ~ ".. wind power is shown yet again to be an expensive folly that empties our wallets in return for providing a miniscule fraction of our energy needs."

February 1 2012 ~ Written Answers - Energy and Climate Change: Wind Power (30 Jan 2012)

February 1 2012 ~ Wales MPs do not want Wales to have power over energy

February 1st 2012 ~ "even the major trunk roads through Powys cannot cope with two-way traffic when turbine-transporting vehicles are using them.."

January 29th 2012 ~ "don't expect help from academia, mainstream media or the public service...."

January 28th 2012 ~ the turbines had delivered "a miserable and unnerving experience"

January 28th 2012 ~ "prescribed anti-depressants to help him cope with noise of a nearby wind farm"

January 22nd 2012 ~" the risks of expanding the reliance on renewable sources like wind before necessary grids, storage and other technologies are established to handle their intermittency and volatility."

January 20th 2012 ~ Cross-party MPs' group formed to fight wind farm expansion

January 19th 2012 ~ Heartfelt rant on letter page of Northumberland Gazette on "useless Alnwick turbines."

January 17th 2012 ~ the fate of Allt Duine "the turbines will be very visible, in what for a lot of people is a wild and untamed place"

January 17th 2012 ~ Which? says "Smart" meters have the potential to further undermine consumer confidence as well as cost consumers millions more than the initial estimate.

January 13th 2012 ~ Vestas shares have fallen more than 90 percent since peaking at 692 kroner in 2008

January 13th 2012 ~ "I believe water is coming from cracks in the dam and we need to keep pushing." John Etherington

January 10th 2012 ~ "You will be aware that local opposition to the project is virtually unanimous, with a local action group, local councils and heritage organisations combining to condemn what amounts to an act of desecration on a hugely important and valuable historical site."

January 9th 2012 ~ "Yet again, overwhelming local opposition to a wind-farm proposal has been bulldozed aside by the government's planning inspector, making a nonsense of promises of localism."

January 9th 2012 ~ Anti-wind "Cranks" versus Pro-wind "wishful thinking and unproven assumptions"

January 7th 2012 ~ Technical Advice Note 8 (TAN8). led to the 'turbine landscapes' of Mid Wales It is time for a Review

January 7th 2012 ~ 15ft-long turbine blades flew off three structures in 112mph winds on Thursday night

December 29th 2011 ~ " these reports are from real people, living with real problems, often with no recourse"

23rd December 2011 ~Australian state launches world's toughest wind turbine laws

16th December 2011 ~ "We, the people of Fife, must be in charge of what is acceptable and where is acceptable for these industrial structures to be sited."

December 14th 2011 ~ "Only a handful of people at the meeting were in favour of the turbine, and 95% were against it," - but the community council in Anglesey voted by three votes to two in favour of the 71-metre turbine at Ty Fry farm.

December 14th 2011 ~ " no prospect that renewable energy will be able to provide a substantial amount of Britain's energy needs."

December 13th 2011 ~ "No wind-farms will be built if there are no subsidies, and the purpose of this petition is to reduce or end the subsidies."

December 12th 2011 ~ Ultra-green Denmark has no idea what to with a mountain of old and broken wind turbine blades.

December 11th 2011~ There have been 1,500 accidents and incidents on UK wind farms over the past 5 years - i.e. almost one a day

December 11th 2011 ~ "As our present Government seems hell-bent on covering the country in wind turbines, these are a particularly poor example..." Alnwick Town Councillor.

December 8th 2011 ~ A turbine in a North Ayrshire wind farm caught fire today in very strong winds

December 7th 2011 ~"....future generations being left with thousands of useless wind turbines dotted around the countryside"

December 4th 2011 ~ a fairytale?

November 22nd 2011 ~ "Here is what looks like an outrageous case of government - the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs - actually putting pressure on climate "scientists" to talk up their message of doom and gloom in order to help the government justify its swingeing climate policies" Telegraph

November 21st 2011 ~ "Wind farms are useless, says Duke of Edinburgh"

November 15th 2011 ~" It is a shame that we rush headlong into this new tech, more often than not because we can - rather than asking ourselves if we should."

November 13th 2011 ~ "a timely debate, having regard to the KPMG report Thinking About the Affordable published this week". House of Lords debate on Wind Farms (9th Nov)

November 10th 2011 ~ the futility of ruining our countryside with giant wind turbines

November 7th 2011 ~ With the deaths of nearly 500 birds at the Laurel Mountain wind facility recently, three of the four wind farms operating in West Virginia have now experienced large bird fatality events, according to American Bird Conservancy (ABC).

October 2nd 2011 ~ "So lost is Huhne in his green dreamworld..

September 22nd 2011 ~ E-ON have released a Press Release saying they have decided not to proceed with the 8-9 turbine application just outside Kirkby Lonsdale (Longfield Tarn)

September 21st 2011 ~ " we need to invest an absolute fortune to meet the range of environmental targets that the government has put in place."

September 11th 2011 ~ "Wind farms: the monuments to lunacy that will be left to blot the landscape" Christopher Booker in the Sunday Telegraph

September 11th 2011 ~ "Now Bagmoor wind intend to appeal the decision again, requiring further public funds and investment of time to consider an application that is clearly unsuitable." RSPB

September 7th 2011 ~ "a stretch of Yorkshire's coastline is facing up to its biggest ever challenge to preserve it from the multi-billion pound off-shore wind farm industry.."

September 6th 2011 ~ "Just two months ago, Mr Huhne described calculations by researchers at Cambridge University that the Coalition's reforms would increase bills by 32 per cent as 'rubbish'.

September 1st 2011 ~ "Several billion pounds of investment thus provided next to no electricity ..."

September 1st 2011 ~ Rolls-Royce is to test a turbine that will create electricity from the tides as it makes its first big move into renewable energy

August 26th 2011 ~ Swindon protesters say Honda plant wind turbines would be too large and noisy.

August 26 2011 ~ The Wind farm Conference - England and Wales

August 21st 2011 ~ "wind turbines are not even lasting the planned twenty years - most requiring expensive gearbox repairs after 5-7 years."

August 21st 2011 ~"The BBC steadfastly avoids the facts about the wind farm scam," says Christopher Booker

August 20th 2011 ~ Wind farms: 'The question is, who will pay?'


August 10th 2011 ~ Scottish Highland Wind Farm activity - to May 2011

August 8th 2011 ~ Is it really OK that the BBC Trust Review says that the BBC should ignore global-warming 'deniers'?

August 8th 2011 ~"..the current hysteria over global warming is not about climate at all, but rather about freedom". Professor Bob Carter to Czech President Klaus

August 3rd 2011 ~ Acoustic trauma: How wind farms make you sick

July 29th 2011 ~ America: " US federal agency, the Fish & Wildlife Service, is currently debating whether or not there will be national wildlife rules for industrial wind energy..."

July 28th 2011 ~ "But the most important conclusion from the study is that wind energy is not "a cost effective solution for reducing carbon dioxide…"

July 24th 2011 ~ "The real scandal of the BBC's coverage of climate issues is that, journalistically, it has been so unprofessional."

July 23rd 2011 ~ Danish test centre for giant wind turbines threatens last forest habitat - Large spontaneous protest surprises police.

July 22nd 2011 ~ During the week of July 18th, 2011, nine peer reviewed articles have been published in a scientific journal regarding health and industrial wind turbines

July 22 2011 ~ Grim news. The Friends of the South Pennines have lost a five-year battle to keep Todmorden Moor free of giant wind turbines.

July 22nd 2011 ~ "The developers are not taking communities' concerns seriously"

July 20th 2011 ~ Turbine protesters confront Carwyn

July 16th 2011 ~ Yes 4.32% No 94.44% Don't know 1.23%

July 3rd 2011 ~ "... a ludicrously expensive, self-defeating joke"

30th June 2011 ~ Powys council unanimously supported a motion urging the Welsh Government to request a moratorium on all wind farm applications.

June 29th 2011 ~ Hundreds of protesters arrive at Powys wind farm vote

June 29th 2011 ~ Wind Farms. DEFRA says" there is little or no evidence of a significant impact on birds." But consider the weasel words in that Parliamentary Answer yesterday

June 25th 2011 ~ "this lunatic scheme will do little to help us meet our fanciful EU target of 14GW, which we haven't the faintest hope of meeting, anyway."

June 22nd 2011 ~ "Oh, joy unconfined ... my gas bill is going up by a paltry 54%"

June 17th 2011 ~ The Welsh Government has announced measures to limit windfarm developments in mid Wales.

June 16th 2011 ~ "alternative technologies to oil will take a long time to develop and deploy at scale"

June 14th 2011 ~ "Why is Mid Wales being massacred for such a miserable output?"

June 12th 2011 ~ Wind turbines pick up £2.6m for standing idle

June 8th 2011 ~ The giant turbine - underneath it the cattle look like ants

June 7th 2011 ~ " supporters say they are really quite beautiful additions to our countryside, and will help save the planet by allowing us to switch from fossil fuels. So what's the big deal?..."

June 6th 2011 ~ Scores of protected golden eagles dying after colliding with wind turbines

June 6th 2011 ~ "Wind energy illusion based on a fallacy," says John Owen

May 15th 2011 ~ From the Westminster Hall debate on May 10th "What sense can it make to erect up to 800 new turbines in mid-Wales when they will be 30 to 50 miles from any connection to the national grid?"

May 15th ~ "If politicians in Cardiff are going to destroy this part of Wales, I want them to know we will never forgive them." MP Glyn Davies

May 14th ~ Artists Against Windfarms

May 13th 2011 ~ BBC Two WINDFARM WARS - "acts of vandalism, angry scenes and tears of frustration and disappointment..."

May 11th 2011 ~ "Our entire region, the beauty of the landscape of mid Wales, is going to be sacrificed at the altar of a false god." Glyn Davies MP

Read in full

May 8th 2011 ~ Next Tuesday (May 10th) Glyn Davies MP (Montgomeryshire) has secured a 1.5 hr debate on 'The impact of wind farm development on Mid Wales'.

May 6th 2011 ~ "Fancy manufacturing a gearbox for a large industrial wind turbine without the necessary gear oil having being invented yet!"

May 5th 2011 ~ Germany: "We lack the necessary power lines to transmit wind-generated electricity from the north. This could lead to massive problems in the grid, even power outages."

May 1st 2011 ~Scotland - companies were paid £900,000 to stop producing electricity - (the wrong sort of wind, again)

April 28th 2011 ~ Groups involved in the Stop Davidstow Windfarm Alliance are joining forces to present their case at the Inquiry in August

April 28th ~ Letter in the Scotsman from 6 experts presents a powerful case

April 19th 2011 ~ "You may feel we are making a fuss over nothing, but in reality, there is a real risk of turbine creep by default.

April 16th 2011 ~ Miliband scorns SNP 'fairy stories' on green energy

April 14th 2011 ~ Renewable energy targets not met despite billions in investment Scotsman

April 8th 2011 ~The Conservation charity, the John Muir Trust (JMT), says turbines are producing below 10 per cent of capacity for more than a third of the time.


April 7th 2011 ~ "Normally the people most busily pushing these bird-chomping, bat-crunching, taxpayer-fleecing monstrosities on our magnificent landscape are those who claim, ludicrously, to be green."

April 5th 2011 ~ Stop UK Wind Farm Development Petition text:

April 5th 2011 ~ A white-tailed sea eagle introduced to the Killarney National Park from Norway just three years ago has been found dead below a wind turbine near Kilgarvan

April 3rd 2011 ~ "we will have to pay for all the Government's other "green" dreams, such as the £100 billion it wants spent on 10,000 giant wind turbines, plus another £40 billion to hook them up to the grid."

March 22nd 2011 ~ The wrong sort of wind?

March 21st 2011 ~ "Wind and solar power have raised household energy prices by 7.5 percent in Germany, and Denmark has the highest electricity prices in the European Union."

March 15th 2011 ~ a landmark conference, Meeting: 'Climate Change? Who is Paying? And for What?' - March 19, 2011

March 7th 2011 ~ "Onshore wind can pay its way," says Transport Secretary. Not so, say Booker and Neil (and many of the rest of us)

March 5th 2011 ~ Nant y Moch "the character of this place will be annihilated ".

February 27th 2011 ~ Save the outstanding landscape of Nant y Moch in the Cambrian Mountains

February 27th 2011 ~ "..the system of financial incentives for renewables, all paid for by the electricity consumer, ensures that windfarm companies make huge profits"

February 23 2011 ~ "Our natural resources of landscape, forests, green hills and valleys

February 23 2011 ~ "Since Britain struggles to produce two per cent of its energy from renewables, we are only at the beginning of the great wind farm boom."

February 23 2011 ~ Inspector backs council decision to reject Mynydd y Gwair wind farm

February 22 2011 ~ "if we kill the magic of Cumbria by driving four hundred foot steel stakes into the heart of our landscape, we lose more than sentiment." Rory Stewart MP

February 17th 2011 ~"People do not want any more onshore developments," Tony Cunningham MP

February 17th 2011 ~ The Renewable Energy Foundation (REF) has drawn attention to the fact that the "financial benefits" of the average wind farm reflect only about 0.5 per cent of the total annual income.

February 17th 2011 ~ Revealed: how energy firms spy on environmental activists

February 14th ~ Residents brand West Cumbria wind turbines inquiry a farce

February 14th 2011 ~ Cumbrian windfarm will be built despite 2,000 objections

February 10th 2011 ~ Holland says it cannot afford to be Green any more. Wind and solar subsidies are too expensive.

February 9th 2011 ~ One wonders where the money will come from as we get poorer and poorer..

February 3rd 2011 ~ "Lack of wind raises fears for future of green energy "

January 29th 2011 ~ Wychvon District Council planning committee rejected the plans by Scottish Power Renewables to put five turbines on land at Bishampton Bank in the Lenches, near Evesham.

January 20th 2011 ~ The UK has huge wind power potential. "Development of even a small percentage of it would overwhelm their electric grids with variable, intermittent wind power."

January 17th 2011 ~ RSPB expressed opposition to the proposed wind farm only when Save Our Swans read out the Queen's letter at a public meeting

January 16th 2011 ~ "Britain is becoming less windy, raising doubts over Government's wind farm strategy"

January 15th 2011 ~ Proposed Davidstow Windfarm: developers will attend Tremail Sunday School Rooms at 7.30,on Monday 17th Jan

January 10th 2011 ~"... freelunch economics are driving the push for renewable energy."

December 26th 2010 ~ " we have our Climate Change Secretary, Chris Huhne, hoping we can somehow keep our lights on and our economy running by spending hundreds of billions of pounds on thousands more windmills."

December 18th 2010 ~ "Any public perception that science is somehow fully settled is wholly incorrect..." Royal Society

December 2010 ~ Hidden energy bill

November 2010 ~ The Scotsman Letter: Wind farm irony

November 5th 2010 ~ Campaigners have won their battle to prevent the building of a 25-metre high wind turbine on farmland near to Great Corby.

November 1st 2010 ~ Cambs: Plans for a wind farm in Linton have been quashed.

October 3rd 2010 ~ "The Viking Energy project is a high risk attempt to farm 'subsidy money' by exploiting and destroying Shetland's environment in the process."

October 2nd 2010 ~ The new Canadian film, Windfall, is acclaimed as a "tremendously important documentary, an outstanding piece of independent journalism."

September 27th 2010 ~ "From a security of energy supply perspective the key issue is the uncertainty and variability of output and the average load factor is of limited use."

September 27th 2010 ~Denmark's investment.... has not secured dependable energy, has cost a fortune and has not reduced carbon emissions.

September 26th 2010 ~ "The media remain conspicuously silent about the real price we pay for wind energy," says Christopher Booker

September 18th 2010 ~ ".. the more turbines we have, the more we will need new gas-fired power plants to provide back-up for when the wind drops - emitting as much CO2 as the turbines nominally save..."

10th September 2010 ~ "large scaling of wind turbines (as I recommend below) may in many ways be counterproductive unless that plan is accompanied by an entirely different economic system and expectations." Nate Hagens

9 September 2010 ~ Scotland : Planners want councillors to reject windfarm proposal

September 8th 2010 ~ Whitelee wind farm to expand as £164m deal with Alstom is signed

September 3rd 2010 ~ EU funding and the politicization of science

September 1st 2010 ~ Denmark's large, state-owned energy firm, Dong Energy, listens to protests

- August 31st 2010 ~ Ofgem's data for 2009-2010 shows that Whitelee had a load factor of 23% in other words, it produced less than one-quarter of its maximum capacity if the wind blew hard and continuously every day, year-round.

August 26th 2010 ~ "wind-generated electricity likely won't result in any reduction in carbon emissions - or that they'll be so small as to be almost meaningless..."

August 25th 2010 ~ Is 14.51% efficiency a high enough price to make up for the permanent destruction of tranquillity and beauty?

August 20th 2010 ~ "The Government might well believe that a few thousand lives rendered uncomfortable or even miserable is a small price for us (that is, for them) to pay for the energy produced.... "

August 18th 2010 ~ "Corkscrew" deaths to mammals and fish may have been caused by the crane heavy-duty floating crane lifting and positioning the monopiles for the 88 turbines being erected for the Sheringham Shoal windfarm.

August 17th 2010 ~ "over-generous subsidies mean hundreds of turbines are going up on sites that are simply not breezy enough."

August 15th 2010 ~ "How will the Government ensure that the landscape of this country is not disfigured by a rash of ill-planned wind turbines?" Lords Hansard

August 5th 2010 ~ Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas has received an order for 22 turbines with total capacity of 66 megawatts for the Fullabrook project in North Devon

August 5th 2010 ~ The three-bladed machines would be the tallest man-made structures in Dorset, higher than the surrounding hills, visible up to seven-and-a-half miles away.

August 5th 2010 ~ Consumer Focus, the consumer watchdog, has criticised some energy companies for making compulsory gas and electricity statements unclear and complicated

July 30th 2010 ~ "the self-interest of the powerful lobbyists on behalf of the major international wind turbine corporations... "

July 28th 2010 ~ " the amount of electricity generated by all those turbines put together, at a cost of billions of pounds, is no more than that provided by a single medium-size conventional power station - equivalent to a mere two per cent of the electricity we need."

July 26th 2010 ~ Help to save some of Scotland's hills from the continuous march of wind turbines.

July 26th 2010 ~This talk of wind farms is so much hot air, says Clive Aslet

July 23rd 2010 ~ Davidstow councillors have voted overwhelmingly to scrap Community Windpower's plan to erect twenty, 413ft-high turbines in North Cornwall.

July 23rd 2010 ~ Powys County Council have rejected a Scottish Power proposal to allow windfarm components for the Garreg Llwyd windfarm to pass through the small historic town of Montgomery.

July 22nd 2010 ~ Bill Cash MP plans to introduce a Private Members' Bill to set minimum distances from residential areas for turbines.

July 21 2010 ~ Inquiry opens into huge wind farm near Swansea

July 5th 2010 ~ Primary school forced to turn off wind turbine after bird deaths

June 30th 2010 ~ The rule that prevents councillors from taking a stance on applications prior to hearings is to be scrapped

June 25th 2010 ~ Rare red kite found dead at a wind farm that had been termed "harmless to wildlife"

June 23rd 2010 ~ "I recommend this book to anyone wanting to understand the problems of wind power.."

June 20th 2010 ~ Over the past eight years Ecotricity will have received more than £22.6 million - money which consumer electricity bills provides in the end.

June 20th 2010 ~Firms paid to shut down wind farms when the wind is blowing

June 20th 2010 ~ A land blighted by giant pylons

June 13th 2010 ~ "The Government is subsidising wind farms and other forms of renewable energy with £1 billion of taxpayers' money every year it is revealed in a new report."

June 12th 2010 ~ THIS is why we object so vehemently to "outside forces of profit, politics and populism"

June 5th 2010 ~ "The new regime meant an application only required to be referred for a decision by councillors if there are at least five objections, from different addresses"

June 5th 2010 ~ Eric Pickles has told all councils he will abolish regional targets for planning and housing, so councillors will once again be able to make decisions themselves

May 22nd 2010 ~ Dolphin and seal damage warning over wind farm expansion

May 16th 2010 ~ Both Cons and Dems are committed to building thousands more wind turbines.

April 13th 2010 ~ "Wind power could increase by up to 40 times should Labour stay in power."

April 12th 2010 ~ Hundreds of offshore wind farms are being checked for a construction fault

April 9th 2010 ~ Will offshore windfarms disrupt bird migrations?

April 4th 2010 ~ Horrible video of big bird's death in a wind turbine

April 4th 2010 ~ "sick and tired of being dismissed, ridiculed, called a NIMBY, flimflammed, and bullied by wind developers and government agencies..."

April 4th 2010 ~ "Last Thursday - with northern Britain again under piles of global warming - another tranche of regulations came into force..."

April 2nd 2010 ~ "we send them overwhelming congratulations and thanks for saving this beautiful part of England from industrialisation by the wind industry."

FELLS fights on and so must we all."

March 28th 2010 ~"The great lie is in the unspoken implication that just because you are using wind energy, carbon emissions are being reduced."

March 27 2010 ~ Professor Jefferson's letter in the Telegraph

March 27 2010 ~ "despite angering communities and environmental campaigners ...."

March 27 2010 ~ "We are nowhere near having a plan...the existing level of political will cannot deliver the fundamental restructuring needed."

March 25 2010 ~ Ted Hughes would have been as sad as we are...

March 24th 2010 ~ "Nuclear and wind power will be at heart of Alistair Darling's Budget" says The Times

March 21st 2010 ~ The first detailed study of UK wind farms - "treasured landscapes may have been blighted for only small gains"

March 21st 2010 ~ "Too much wind and not enough puff"

March 14th 2010 ~ "The main practical objection to turbines, of course, is that they are useless, producing derisory amounts of electricity at colossal cost.

March 12 2010 ~ Wind farms could raise temperatures

March 10th 2010 ~ Community group takes legal action against Bradwell wind farm decision

February 25 2010 ~. a Defra project that aims to use psychotherapy to enable sufferers to live with turbine noise.

February 17th 2010 ~ Planning Committees are run by Councillors not MPs or AMs

February 14th 2010 ~ Wind farms 'can't cope with Big Freeze'

February 14th 2010 ~ "Under Labour we have had eight secretaries of state and 11 energy ministers in 13 years and they have achieved extraordinarily little..."

February 11th 2010 ~ "...may prove helpful to other groups under threat of a wind farm application"

February 11 2010 ~ Planning application to take wind farms through Welshpool The results of the Town Poll

February 3 2010 ~ Professor Bob Carter on YouTube

February 3 2010 ~ "it is not technically feasible to deliver 33GW of wind power within any foreseeable time frame, irrespective of whether the finance is available..." Richard North

February 1 2010 ~ Ed Miliband's "reforms" will be in a document to be published in April called Roadmap to 2050, published with the 2010 Budget.

January 31st 2010 ~ "This company is not interested in Radnorshire, Powys or the environment and the impact it will create, what they are interested in is what the company will get out of it at the end of the day."

January 30th 2010 ~ Campaigners "over the moon"

January 28th 2010 ~ Wind turbines by numbers


January 27 2010 ~ Ten wind turbines more than twice the height of Nelson - 's Column are set to appear on the horizon for Mersea residents.

January 26 2010 ~ Angela Kelly: "..there is a real opportunity to make your voice heard by making your points and comments"

January 26 2010 ~ "When large wind turbines are erected, some people living near them will find their lives disrupted. That wasn't supposed to happen here..."

January 25th 2010 ~ Campaigners who failed in their battle to stop a Northumberland wind farm say the council of made approval easy

January 24 2010 ~ "Wind farm subsidies top £1 billion a year" Sunday Telegraph

Jan 22 2010 ~ Council votes to oppose wind farm

January 22, 2010 ~ Protesters' joy as wind turbine bid is rejected.

January 20 2010 ~ New Albion Wind Farm gets the green light. Wind turbines standing 100 metres tall are to be built between two county villages

January 19 2010 ~ "In its submission to the House of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs' investigation of Renewable Energy (2008), E.ON UK estimated that a back-up provision of over 90 per cent of the installed wind capacity would be needed."

January 19 2010 ~ " more wind farms are built, more back-up generation will be needed for when the wind does not blow, particularly during cold weather

18 January 2010 ~ Letter: Sunday Telegraph

January 15th 2010 ~ Unreliable ".. wind energy will remain just one element in Germany's energy mix." Der Spiegel

January 14th 2010 ~ Eishken giant windfarm approved on the Isle of Lewis

January 14th 2010 ~ "our dismal record on renewables" - " a tidal lagoon in the Mersey would generate 650 GW of energy a year - much more than wind farms "

Monday January 11th 2010 ~ "Wind farms produced 'practically no electricity' during Britain's cold snap"

January 14th 2010 ~ Lichfield's three-spired cathedral would be dwarfed by proposed turbine.

January 14th 2010 ~ The Baillie Hill wind farm was given consent on 12th January 2010.

January 10 2010 ~ Et tu, Observer? "The government's new green initiatives are unlikely to come online fast enough to plug our growing energy gap"

December 9 2009 ~ "The sluggish turbine market and political opposition to large-scale wind development in the UK...."

December 1 2009 ~"...the wind industry trying to convince us that the only way to save the planet is to cover all of our wild uplands with machines "

November 30 2009 ~ "accumulating evidence of adverse health effects from Japan, New Zealand, the UK, USA, and Canada."

November 30 2009 ~ "...wind farms divide communities, ruin landscapes, affect tourism, make a minimal contribution to our energy needs and a negligible contribution towards reducing carbon dioxide emissions".The Duke of Northumberland

November 28 2009 ~ " industrial wind is a bunco scheme of enormous consequence"

November 25 2009 ~ "for most of the time its turbines are not turning.."

November 22 2009 ~ "saving the planet has risen steadily higher on the EU's agenda, as the perfect idealistic cause to justify more new laws..."

November 21 2009 ~ the Inspector today dismissed the appeal by Tegni for 13 turbines at Gorsedd Bran, a hill just to the north of Llyn Brenig

November 21 2009 ~ "huge beasts ..will plant their feet all over our remotest regions - the infrastructure needed is expensive, intrusive and energy-consuming"

November 20 2009 ~ "whatever the formal process of local objection, government is desperate for wind power. And what government wants, government usually gets."

November 18 2009 ~ "We now await with anguish the outcome of that inquiry while looking out day in day out on the cherished landscape we have fought to protect..."

November 18 2009 ~ "UK ministers and their civil service advisors do not appear to comprehend the nature of these basic technical problems and are continuing blindly to promote windpower on land and sea."

November 2009 ~ "current knowledge indicates that there should be precautionary avoidance of locating wind farms in all important bird areas and/or migration routes"

November 16 2009 ~ "He actually came close to admitting that turbines, with their "intermittent wind" (this sounded like a much-loved but elderly dog that lies in front of the fire turning the air in the sitting room foul) were a waste of time and money."


November 16 2009 ~ "A report has exposed the true costs of wind generated electricity"

November 15 2009 ~7,000 wind turbines by 2020? This will involve building 2 giant wind turbines a day, including Saturdays and Sundays, for the next ten years.

November 14 ~ Huge wind farm in New Zealand turned down because fears of dangerous man-made global warming were not supported by the evidence and there were no grounds to build it to "fight climate change".

November 13 2009 ~ Artists against windfarms. "I, like many others, remain completely unconvinced about what difference these wind farms will make..." Tom Hutton

November 12 2009 ~ "The proposal is located within the Forest of Bowland Area of Natural Beauty (AONB)"

November 11 2009 ~ Thou shalt not take the name of climate change in vain!

November 9 2009 ~ The UK's so-called Britannia Project is looking precarious.

November 8 2009 ~ Dr John Etherington's letter to the Western Telegraph

November 8 2009 ~ "There are hundreds of thousands of people who are opposed to windfarms who can only benefit by acquiring a copy of this book. "

November 6 2009 ~ Petition

November 5 2009 ~ "Rural rejecters of wind power aren't bumptious bumpkins, says Adrian Snook. We are asserting our rights as consumers and voters"

October 14 2009 ~ To: The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) Call for a Moratorium on Proposals to site Wind Farms in Sensitive Areas

October 11 2009 ~ "There was one bright side - as soon as the blade snapped off the TV signal instantly improved and I could see all my programmes properly again."

October 10 2009 ~ We live in a "very, very strange world" now

Oct 10 2009 ~ Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg and the Tory energy spokesman Greg Clark have both said they would protect the Lake District's landscape from windfarm proliferation.

Oct 6 2009 ~ "We are aware that wind farms are not the solution to CO2 emissions in the UK and we are not convinced by the misinformation put out by the wind industry and the government."

July 19 2009 ~ When wind power blows, jobs will fall

Sunday July 19 2009 ~ "Even more alarming than the media's credulity is that of the ministers themselves..."

July 17, 2009 ~ Don't blow our £100 billion on wind power

July 17 2009 ~ "How can we save the environment without trashing the landscape?"CPRE's Chief Executive

July 16 2009 ~ "putting too many of our energy eggs in one basket"

July 16 2009 ~ A quango that the Tories have pledged to scrap is set to fast-track controversial projects, from wind farms to runways, in the run-up to the election

July 15 2009 ~ "all the wind turbines planned in the UK in the foreseeable future will be imported..."

July 14 2009 ~ Scotland. The Beauly-Denny electricity transmission line inquiry "took evidence on transmission only from organisations that agreed.."

July 14 2009 ~ "Britain is facing an unprecedented crisis. Before long, we will lose 40 per cent of our generating capacity."

July 13 2009 ~ "The one discordant element is the wind turbines, an affront to the eyes and an insult to the intelligence."

July 13, 2009 ~ Tilting at Wind Farms

July 11 2009 ~ Families face a charge of up to £120 to fund thousands of wind turbines


July 9 2009 ~ "to spoil all the decent countryside in the UK with wind farms is driving me mad...."

July 9 2009 ~"the best answer was 'we do not know'...."

2 July 2009 ~ Silton, North Dorset. No turbines announcement greeted with cheers and applause

2 July 2009 ~ 3,600-name petition says no to wind farm

June 29 2009 ~ "an important case because the decision could have implications for future wind farm applications near to other national parks in the UK"

June 25 2009 ~ "Stop the Spin, a movement dedicated to opposing planning applications for inappropriately sited industrial-scale inland wind farms"

22 June, 2009 ~ 60 - 80 turbines each the size of Nelson's column at Nant y Moch, one of the most stunning areas of Ceridigion

22 June, 2009 ~ Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden has pushed the red button over a plan which could see more wind turbines built in the Norfolk countryside.

9 June, 2009 ~ Are wind farms a good idea - BBC poll

June 2009 ~ "Europe should scrap its support for wind energy as soon as possible to focus on far more efficient emerging forms of clean power generation including solar thermal energy..."

May 28 2009 ~ "it made no sense to put wind turbines in a low wind area, but there were so many other reasons why these turbines should never have been considered..."

May 2009 ~ The sheer volume of articles says it all

May 27 2009 ~Time to celebrate?

May 2009 ~ ".. helping the victims of this destructive industry"

May 2009 ~ "Even though polls consistently show that 80 pc of the British Public favours offshore wind, local and national anti groups crowd meetings and twist the facts" (sic)

May 2009 ~ "My party shows every sign of being likely to gain office next year, but I can spot very few signs of it being about to adopt sensible energy policies."

May 2009 ~ A recipe for disaster?

April 29 2009 ~ Linton wind farm: "since the application was made almost all the correspondence has been against."

April 25 2009 ~ "We all stood up and clapped as it was such relief. We have our piece of England kept to what we love and know."

April 24 2009 ~Scottish Power worried about wind power

April 23 2009 ~ Reports of wind farm health problems growing

April 2009 ~ "if we wanted to go totally green, we - d have to carpet the country with more windmills than exist in the whole world.."

April 2009 ~ - We are six years away from an energy crisis -

April 2009 ~ Cumbria's windfarms

April 12 2009 ~ After a delay of almost two years, German wind developer Enertrag (anagram of Green Rat) has finally registered its eight 125 metre turbine application spread over 24 acres of attractive rising chalklands

April 7 2009 ~ "The mountains went into labour, and gave birth to a ridiculous mouse."

March 30 2009 ~ James Lovelock says Ed Miliband's moral stance on wind turbine opposition is an erosion of freedom and close to facism

March 27 ~ Wind farms could damage your health says A&E consultant

March 26 2009 ~ "the Scottish Government admits to not having a clue if any CO2 has been saved by the 15 years of windfarm development in Scotland."

March 13 2009 ~ "major concerns about instances where the council followed officials' recommendations only to see the verdict reversed"

THE WINDMILL MADNESS - Der Spiegel From the dream of environmentally friendly energy to the highly subsidized devastation of the landscape.

David Bellamy : "If I wanted to build in an area of outstanding natural beauty I wouldn't be allowed. Yet these turbines are 22 storeys high and put on hills where everyone can see them. They need 1,000 tonnes of concrete and a road infrastructure. It beggars belief that some environmental groups say they are 'green'."

Jan 2004 Lord Sainsbury has told peers that the Government's target for a massive expansion of renewable energy will be driven mainly by new windfarms, despite calls for greater investment in tidal power.
March 2003......the most frightening part of the paper is the section that, with a startling absence of facts or figures, endorses our EU obligation to spend billions of pounds on wind power. To reach this target, Prof Fells points out, we would have to build 20 two-megawatt turbines every week until 2010. Most are much smaller than this, so we may need some 20,000 wind generators, up to 400 ft high (we have only 1,000), dominating thousands of square miles of countryside.
July 2004 "Some respected environmentalists believe here is only one realistic alternative available, and it is recognised by the man who opened Britain's first wind farm, Professor James Lovelock, the much-admired seer behind the Gaia concept of the planet as a living organism. He, too, has now turned against wind power. He believes nuclear power is the greenest energy option. It is a proven supply of significant capacity and does not consume fossil fuels. Fells also supports it. "Fells said: "There is no doubt that we need all the electricity we can get that doesn't create carbon dioxide, but predicating this almost entirely on wind when there are other, less obtrusive technologies seems simplistic, stubborn and perverse....." (Sunday Times)

( See also for those who "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.")




See also 'Ye Compleat Windde Warrior'


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Recent Examples

April 2009 ~ The sheer volume of articles says it all

April 12 2009 ~ After a delay of almost two years, German wind developer Enertrag (anagram of Green Rat) has finally registered its eight 125 metre turbine application spread over 24 acres of attractive rising chalklands

April 7 2009 ~ "The mountains went into labour, and gave birth to a ridiculous mouse."

March 30 2009 ~ James Lovelock says Ed Miliband's moral stance on wind turbine opposition is an erosion of freedom and close to facism

March 27 ~ Wind farms could damage your health says A&E consultant

March 26 2009 ~ "the Scottish Government admits to not having a clue if any CO2 has been saved by the 15 years of windfarm development in Scotland."

March 13 2009 ~ "major concerns about instances where the council followed officials' recommendations only to see the verdict reversed"

. . .

December 2008 ~ Windfarms now a threat to air safety

September 16 2008 ~ New report slates windfarms

August 2008 ~ "In the 11 years I have been an MP, I have never known an issue which has engendered so much hostility.

August 2008 ~ 92 per cent of installed wind capacity would have to be backed up by traditional power stations.

July 2008 ~ Research: Wind power pricier, emits more CO2 than thought


July 7 2008 ~ Assumptions made on costs and emissions reductions of wind turbines "unduly optimistic"

May 22 ~ Parish councillors are calling on district planners to refuse a controversial application by green power company Enertrag UK to build a wind farm at Hempnall.

April 17 2008 ~ Struan Stevenson, MEP, is calling for action to stop any further building on peatland.

April 7 2008 ~ Plans for a Perthshire wind farm rejected by the Scottish Executive "... they would still represent an intrusion on a sensitive skyline".

07 Apr 2008 ~ Fast track windfarms fear

April 6 ~ "Chris and dozens of his neighbours wonder why they are necessary in such a sensitive area when Gordon Brown recently announced a series of enormous projects to build a series of such wind farms offshore..."

April 5 2008 ~ Work on a controversial development of a major wind farm off the North Wales coast restarts next week as rows continue over the plans.

April 4 2008 ~ Windfarm benefits not proven

March 22 2008 ~ Last-ditch bid to halt wind turbines

March 22 2008 ~ A "sham of democracy"

March 22 2008 ~ "plans for two 365ft-high wind turbines on the outskirts of Shotton Colliery are still in the pipeline.

March 15 2008 ~ Wind farm plans rejected at Thackson's Well, Grantham

March 15 ~ PLANNING inquiry into a windfarm planned for the Eden Valley ended yesterday.

March 15 ~ "the county has exceeded its wind targets and is becoming a dumping ground for developers"

March 6 2008 ~ Developers have vowed to press ahead with a wind farm despite protests which drove a farmer to take his own life.

03 Mar 2008 ~ Village dismayed by turbines decision

03 Mar 2008 ~ Windfarm 'obsession' criticised

Feb 23 2008 ~ 'We are just dumping ground for anything'

February 22 2008 ~Planners turn down towering turbines

February 20 2008 ~ Major wind farm scheme approved for Lewis

February 10 2008 ~ "absurd and absurdly expensive hook"

February 9 2008 ~"... the environmental agenda has now been hijacked by marketing and large companies.."

February 4 2008 ~Energy companies profit from wind farms without building many more windmills

February 4 2008 ~ overambitious claims for the potential of wind power

From Scared to Death by Christopher Booker and Richard North:

Nearly 10,000 wind turbines will be spinning on land and sea by 2020

The estimated fivefold increase in the number of turbines would be required to meet a new renewable-energy target for the UK under a plan detailed by the European Commission. (See Scotsman Jan 24)

August 2007 ~ "mounting evidence of the inefficiency and unreliability of wind turbines in the U.K..."

August 2007 ~ YouTube and "WIND MADNESS"

Feb 5 2007 ~ ".... I reckon the wind farm lobby has some serious explaining to do.

February 2007 - From Farmers Weekly 01/02/2007 Poll ends on: 08 February 2007

The Big Debate: Are wind turbines a good thing for farming? - Vote

Angela Kelly writes, "The wind industry have mustered their powerful and numerous forces (which includes huge numbers of *ill-informed .greens') to vote on this issue so your vote is of vital importance. Please vote and spread the message - thank you."

Archive selection

December 2006 ~Oswald Consulting Reports commissioned by REF (Renewable Energy Foundation).


June 29 2006 ~wind turbines WMN "Campaigners against onshore windfarms say they are horrified to learn of moves to build four of the tallest turbines in the Westcountry .... at Bickham Moor, between Rackenford and Tiverton. Opponents of the scheme warned it would devastate the landscape and hit the rural economy...Two Moors campaign secretary, Caroline Harvey, said the turbines proposed for Bickham Moor could be taller than any previous proposal.

June 18 2006 ~ Booker's Notebook "....somehow, in environmental terms, the loss of Scotland's unique landscape to these vast steel structures is never taken into account. Forty years ago we pointlessly sacrificed the skylines of our cities to building tower blocks of council flats, many of which have since had to be demolished. When this mad obsession with turbines comes to be seen as a similar fantasy, who will then restore the wild beauty of those Scottish hills?"

May 28 2006 ~ The implications of this decision for those who are fighting turbine proposals on the basis of planning law and scientific argument are highly disturbing.

March 19 2006 ~ Lottery throws #10m to the wind

March 19 2006 ~ "A logjam in the planning process for developers means that many wind farms will not be operational for a decade.

March 13 2006 ~ "I want to establish to what extent the DTI is working with local councils when larger wind farm proposals pass over to them.

March 12 2006 ~ "Germany has devastated its countryside with a surfeit of wind farms yet they produce only 16 per cent of their rated electricity output,

March 3 2006 ~ Penrith and the Border MP David Maclean said that only as a last resort should windfarms be looked at on land.

March 3 2006 ~ Wind farms 'stupid' says famous botanist

March 2 2006 ~ 'Bravo the government: beauty wins over the beast.....'

February 26 2006 ~ "...Bob Mills, a Powys county councillor, was told by officials that, because he had criticised wind turbines in a letter to the local paper, he would not be permitted to attend any debates on this issue.

February 9 2006 ~ Windfarm developer seeks compulsory purchase powers

February 8 2006 ~ Protests over 415ft high turbines at Middlemoor near Alnwick

February 8 2006 ~ "Save our Scenery" say the opponents of Gwynt Y Mor's 200 turbines

February 7 2006 ~ " There are over 400 turbines being considered on numerous sites around this wonderful county."

February 5 2006 ~ "Why wreck the countryside with wind turbines when they are not going to do any good?"


30th January 2006 ~ windfarms worse than still have to have three quarters as much fossil fuels to back them up...

29th January 2006 ~ "The new pylons for this vastly expanded grid threaten to scar some of the wildest and most beautiful landscapes in Britain"

28th January'006 ~ ' the claim that - there is documentary evidence of funds from the nuclear power lobby finding their way through Country Guardian to anti-wind farm groups - is a rather serious one.

28th January 2006 ~The Times : Wind farms condemned as eagles fall prey to turbines


25th January 2006 ~ The Beatrice - Demonstrator - '(Talisman) project has received #10 million of public money

See The environmental statement, a very large pdf file - 4.5 megabytes - prepared by Talisman itself, admits to Key potential environmental effects associated with the Demonstrator Project" Underwater noise from piling operations Noise disturbance to marine mammals
Physical presence of operating WTGs
Collision risk to birds

Visual impact on landscape and seascape
Damage to seabed communities
Interference with aviation and telecommunications
Collision risk to commercial and fishing vessels
Presence of subsea electrical cables Effects of electromagnetic fields on fish" (see pdf file)
Members of the public have just 28 days to make any objection.

23rd January 2006 ~ "We are still giving wallets of cash away to encourage an energy source that makes insignificant energy and no sense."

22nd January 2006 ~ ".....last week's speech by Elliott Morley, the environment minister, attacking the "blanket opposition" to wind turbines

22nd January 2006 ~ pressure on the Government over the levels of subsidies it grants windfarm companies.

16th January 2006 ~ "the notion that there is land to spare to grow biofuels, or be the site of wind farms, is ludicrous."

15th January 2006 ~ Western Morning News BIG CHUNK OF TURBINE BLADE SHEARS OFF

11th January 2006 ~ Another wind turbine threat in Devon

6th January 2006 ~Wind-farm company in land purchase row

3rd January 2006 ~ "... the French state electricity generator, Elictriciti de France (EDF), withdrew a planning application to place four 459ft (140m) wind turbines

half a mile from the battlefield. (of Agincourt) The plan had been fought by campaigners on both sides of the Channel, including the actor, Robert Hardy, who said that it would desecrate the battlefield..." Times

3rd January 2006 ~ "Who wants to go for walks in the Cotswolds when all they're going to see is turbines?"

1st January 2006 ~ Sunderland's spectacular display of 'safe' energy

27 December 2005 ~ "The landscape is being raped with governmental collusion and fraudulent claims."

23 December 2005 ~ " A key component of this code should be an agreement that wind farms not be constructed against the wishes of the local community that will be most affected."

23 December 2005 ~ Angela Kelly writes..."'What drives our politicians and decision-makers to this 'Windmill Madness'?"

23 December 2005 ~Blazing turbine falls into field

23 December 2005 ~ "Disfiguration of the landscape by wind turbines is undoubted"

20 December 2005 ~ fighting a proposed wind farm near Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders.

18 December 2005 ~ Moorsyde Action Group website

14 December 2005 ~WIND TURBINES? NOT HERE PLEASE Gloucestershire Echo

14 December 2005 ~ People across Mid Wales are fighting against plans for massive wind farms

12 December 2005 ~

11 December 2005 ~ " Wind power now appears to be pie in the sky

10 December 2005 ~ the game is up?

South Wales Evening Post, Dec. 10:
"Carmarthenshire Council, which is publicly pro.wind energy, turned down an application for a wind farm at Pencader because of the adverse impact on the landscape of e Brechfa Forest, "despite the green energy it would produce."Members of West Glamorgan Commoners - Association voted to reject plans for 34 wind turbines on Mynydd-y-Gwair, north of Swansea, even though they stand to pocket #700,000 compensation between them if the plan goes ahead.
Suddenly the twin strategy of hefty public hand-outs and tempting individual sweeteners appear to be faltering. What can the pro-windies do? Provide clear evidence that wind turbines will make a significant and consistent conrtibution to reducing the CO2 emissions that are driving global warming.
' If they can - t, then the game is up."

30 November 2005 ~ Plans for five wind farms are thrown out


30 November 2005 ~ Giant wind farm will be a - catastrophe - , warns charity

29 November 2005 ~ Residents reject windfarm plan

November 14, 2005 Wind damage

October 28 2005 ~ 'Better to have nuclear power than a blot on the landscape'

October 23 2005 ~ " of the most shameless confidence tricks of our time"

October 21 2005 ~ We can't replace the Cotswolds. We can only destroy them.


October 12 2005 ~ "The news has stunned campaigners, who have been fighting the proposals for more than 10 years."

October 9 2005 ~ The little people versus the giants

October 5 2005 ~ "...campaigners do not object to wind power for windfarms are only a part of the technology, and not all wind converters need to be obtrusive..."

October 1 2005 ~ From Gloucestershire Echo

September 30 2005 ~ New website for Scottish Borders, Dunion Hill

September 22 2005 ~ Assembly planning guidance was only a "steer" for councils when they come to decide whether to approve a windfarm planning application says Carwyn Jones

September 18 2005 ~ Michael Portillo, who says he "loathes wind turbines"

September 16 2005 ~ "unacceptable" that the subsidy was not subject to scrutiny by Parliament as it would be if it were paid directly by the state.

September 16 2005 ~ "The planned explosion in the number of giant wind turbines in North Wales could prompt a public backlash

September 9 2005 ~ Harrogate Council, which had refused permission for eight turbines on Knabs Ridge, close to the busy A59 and barely three miles from Harrogate, has been overruled.

September 6 2005 ~ Inquiry allows wind farm in Dales

September 3 2005 ~ "May I implore all Welshmen to wake up and defend their beautiful country from this blight?"

August 29 2005 ~ Turbine maker's losses blow up to #72 million

August 26 2005 ~ " The focus on costs is likely to prove embarrassing for the onshore wind industry"

August 25 2005 ~ 110m high wind turbines in Carmarthenshire

17 August 2005 ~ ".. imperative that energy conservation schemes and alternative sources of renewable energy are more thoroughly explored before large swathes of unique UK countryside and coastal scenery are lost..

14 August 2005 ~ Tegni Cymru, a German backed company, plan to erect four massive wind turbines on the Riverside at the Northern end of the Weaver Valley at Aston in the Green Belt area designated as 'An Area of Special County Value for Landscape'

14 August 2005 ~ The BWEA are planning an all out PR exercise for the Bank Holiday weekend (27/28 August).

10 August 2005 ~ Wales petition

8 August 2005 ~ Welsh Petition update - the whole of Wales to be covered

6 August 2005 ~ Protesters continue with Windfarm Fight

August 4 2005 ~ Do you live in Wales?

Aug 3 2005 ~ The technical advice note (Tan 8) issue'y .... Carwyn Jones would tie the hands of local planning authorities. They would be left with "little option other than to agree proposals for new wind farm developments"

Aug 3 2005 ~ 'Beauty spot development should not be opposed'


Aug 1 2005 ~" A slightly different approach has been taken in Wales...."

July 29 ~ MoD to carry out wind farm tests

July 27 2005 ~Common land fears over new wind farm

July 23 2005 ~ "At Cefn Croes you can witness at first hand the appalling destruction of a landscape by commercial wind turbines."

July 23 2005 ~ "... the issues of integrating wind power with existing generators have not been widely publicised.."

July 20 2005 ~ "The report from the House of Lords is important because it reminds us of the uncertainties shared by a number of scientists on climate science

July 15 2005 ~no wind installation will power any sector of a community, let alone homes, unless it has expensive battery storage units

July 14 2005 ~ Wind power will have no effect on climate change

July 12 2005 ~ Sites chosen for new windfarms will be revealed by the Welsh Assembly Government

July 11 2005 ~ An antidote to rage.

July 8 2005 ~ Sir Donald Miller's Proof of Evidence at Whinash

July 4 2005 ~ Public Consultation Your Energy wants to build twelve 100m tall turbines on land near Hinkley Point

July 4 2005 ~ prone to manipulation by the oligopolistic electricity suppliers

July 4 2005 ~ "... trying to prevent a private company from creating a wind farm on Whinash comprising 27 turbines, each one of them more than 370 feet tall.

July 3 2005 ~" In 2150, for example, a wind turbine constructed of steel, concrete and plastic may not be able to generate, during its lifetime, as much renewable energy as would have been used up in creating it...."

June 19 2005 ~ Recent windfarm articles

May 28 2005 ~ "Cornwall County Council has rebuked the Government

May 27 2005 ~ This is South Wales - Wind Round up for the past week or so

May 22 2005 ~ Wind farm boss puffs up Labour's election funds

May 18 2005 ~ a massive wind farm on the Isle of Lewis could be "catastrophic".

15 May 2005 ~ Cambridge wind farm fight

May 15 2005 ~ BBC 2 (TV) Programme, Newsnight, 10.30 pm, Monday 16th May

May 11 2005 ~ Dartmoor National Park Authority voted to object to the planning application for three wind turbines at Yelland Farm

May 10 2005 ~ "...they neither produce a reliable or efficient amount of electricity... a negligible effect on the decrease of carbon dioxide emissions. We are fighting to save the mountains and moorlands" : Christine Lovelock

May 7 2005 ~ "I am happy to be called the ugly face of ecology (George Monbiot, April 26) by supporters of wind turbines on unspoiled uplands.

May 6/7 2005 ~ "The findings of many studies are kept secret for commercial reasons, while supposedly public information produced for planning applications comes without raw information or is of poor quality."

May 5 2005 ~ Wind farms could have a devastating impact on Britain's wild birds, conservationists have warned.

May 5 2005 ~ "Our Government's own words are that renewable electricity generation will save at most 2.5 million tonnes of carbon emission per year by 2010.."

May 3 2005 ~ "Politicians are burying their heads in the sand on an issue that affects this generation and future generations..."

May 2 2005 ~ Row over who gets what if wind farm goes ahead

May 1 2005 ~ "the helium-filled balloon reached the height of the tip of the blade of the tallest turbines proposed for the area."

April 30 2005 - Whinash - A steel noose

April 30 2005 ~ they claim the turbines will kill birds and there is no evidence to show that and I am sure cats and cars would kill a lot more.....

April 29 2005 - Cumbrian uplands facing devastation from windfarms, Whinash inquiry told

April 27 2005 - "divisive, pointless, and widespread plunder of the British countryside being perpetrated by the UK wind industry today"

April 26 2005 - Wind farms,...a classic example of what environmentalists call an "end-of-the-pipe solution".

April 24 2005 - VoSNews e-mailed the Scottish offices of the main political parties as follows:

April 24 2005 - From Warmwell's Inbox section in past few days

April 20 2005 - From Warmwell's Inbox section today


April 18 2005 ~ - The dream of environmentally friendly energy has turned into the highly subsidised destruction of our countryside -