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Sky News / YouGov Survey Results

Sample Size: 2014

Fieldwork: 4th - 5th November 2005

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Which of these statements comes closer to your view?


The threat to people in Britain from terrorism has fundamentally changed, partlybecause some terrorists are willing to commit suicide during their attacks, andpartly because of they way they use modern technology - such as mobile phonesand the internet


Terrorism is nothing new, and the task of preventing attacks and catching andprosecuting people suspected of terrorist offences is not fundamentally differentfrom the task that the police and intelligence services have faced in the past


Don't know


Currently suspected terrorists can be held by Britain's police for up to 14 days. After that they must either be charged with an offence, or released. The police want to extend this time to 90 days, because it can take up to three months to analyse material such as computer files in order to obtain the evidence needed to charge suspects. Which of these statements comes closer to your view?

The police genuinely believe that the current 14-day rule is not enough to protectBritain from terrorist attacks


The police don't really need the extra time; they are simply using the debate aboutterrorism to extend their powers to hold people without being charged.


Don't know


Critics of the 90 day proposal say that it would be bad for civil liberties, and won't in practice help the task of catching, arresting and convicting suspected terrorists. Which of these statements comes closer to your view?

Critics of the police are genuinely concerned with the need both to protect civilliberties and also reduce the threat from terrorism


The critics are more concerned with the civil liberties of suspected terrorists thanthe rights of everyone else to be protected from terrorism.


Don't know


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